KS3 Computing/Word processors

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Word processors are tools which students can use to create documents in an easy and user friendly way. It allows students to format documents in a more visual and versatile way than standard data representation tools.

All students will easily acquire a basic knowledge of Word, edit, copy + paste, menu functions and saving. Building from that, students can make more informed choices and use their learning to reflect upon and edit their documents.

Emerging student will be able to enter and manipulate data in a way that demonstrates foundation skills and understanding of the reach of their software. Developing students will be able to enhance the data with further manipulation and begin to draw on links from prior learning and their own experience to develop a sense of purpose in their work and making additional considerations based upon their audience. Secure children will be able to draw heavily from their prior learning and demonstrate a clear understanding of their target audience and the purpose of their document. They will demonstrate creativity and confidence and understand that word processing can be used in a variety of different ways and contexts. They will be able to not only access a wide variety of features of the program but will additionally be able to tailor the program to their own needs and add features such as additional fonts.