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A very sexy area of computing is the 'hacking' and 'security/application exploitation'. When done in a non malicious way, hacking an application is the best way to learn about programming

Ideas for hacking challenges:

  • Login into without needing password
  • Find the Solution for 'find the number'
  • Transfer money from one account into another
  • Logout user from Website A, by visiting page on Website B
  • Crack an encrypted message created by
    • Simple cyphers (Letter substitution)
    • Algorithm (ie algebra)
    • Enigma machine
  • Modify web pages content
    • adding new logos
    • enabling disabled links or buttons
    • revealing hidden fields

In the computing industry, Capture the flag are social events that present challenges (like the ones listed above) to teams in a competition where the winner is the team with the most flags. Here is a list of Practice CTF List / Permanant CTF List

We can use vulnerable by design applications like: