KS3 Computing/Hardware/Processor Fill in the blanks worksheet

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Part 1: Using the words below, complete the sentences.

brain sorting decision process

This is often described as the _________________ of the computer. The purpose of the CPU is to _____________ data. It is where all the searching, ______________, calculating and _______________ making takes place in the computer.

Part 2: Using the words below, complete the sentences. (not all the words will be used)

quad core CPU cache processor clock speed Fetch-Execute cycle executing number of cores GigaHertz (GHz) efficient fetching


The Central Processing Unit is also called the CPU or the ______________. It is the main component of the computer which does all the processing. It does this by __________________ instructions from memory and ___________________ them.

This is called the ___________________.

Not all of the processors are the same and there are several things that can affect the performance of a processor. The ___________________ tells us how quickly a processor carries out the fetch decode execute cycle. It is usually measured in ___________________. The ________________ tells us how many processing circuits there are in the processor. A __________________ processor has four circuits. Each circuit can fetch and execute instructions ___________________. This means more than four times as many instructions can be executed in a given time than on a _______________ CPU.