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Editing Guide

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This section is aimed at helping people edit the materials, rather than being part of the core topic of Computing at Schools.

Images for this book

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You can find images to use on your pages here

Images for KS3 Computing


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We have created various templates, generally with a prefix of CAS so they're easier to identify and use, with the aim of making the book more attractive, consistent and easier to read & digest.

Here are the various templates we believe would be useful, those that have been created should have the name of the respective template shown.

  • Topic - Template:CASTopic
  • Synopsis / problems / why - Template:CASSynopsis
  • Links with games / life / extension
  • links to Programme of Study - Template:CASProgOfStudy
  • Activities (timings?)
  • User input section Template:CASUserInput
  • Visual and Graphical languages
  • Images and Films - Template:CASMedia
  • Vocab - definitions - Template:CASDefinition
  • Stretch material
  • Qs & As - heat rating - Matthew
  • Resources (links to outside resources)
  • who is going to write what
  • do you need any diagrams / pictures / videos
  • do you need to add delete any pages
  • what tasks / exercises / questions are needed

Further information

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tinyurl.com/htc2015 (needs a password, available from the organisers of the hack the curriculum event) https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1oLIcZQxrD5kp0OydoTazezWB23kM2_Io_Un4dwHBZEo/edit#slide=id.g98d651b03_0_142