Jeep Liberty/Suspension/Skyjacker

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Skyjacker offers two lift kits for the Jeep Liberty. Their coil spring lift is not recommended for CRD applications. Daystar spacer lifts are recommended over Skyjackers because they've been used over and over without problems; the Skjacker spacer lift is not very popular. Skjacker's platinum coil spring lift is a quality lift, and can be found at almost half the price of All J's Frankenlift

Platinum 2.5" Coil Spring Lift[edit]

  • P/N: LIB250K


  • 4 Coil Springs
  • 2 Front Struts (9050S lift 2" to 6")
  • 2 Front Bumps Stops

Extra rear struts:

  • H7088 lift 2.5"
  • H7041 lift 4"
  • H7060 lift 6"
  • N8088 lift 2.5"
  • N8041 lift 4"
  • N8060 lift 6"

Headline text[edit]

2.5" Polyurethane Coil Spacer Lift[edit]

  • P/N: KJ25
  • 4 Coil Spacers
  • Front Sway Bar Bushing
  • Strut Mounts