Jeep Liberty/Gearing

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Yukon 4.10 Chrysler 8.25" Ring & Pinion Drive Pattern
Yukon 4.10 Chrysler 8.25" Ring & Pinion Coast Pattern

While larger tires give the Jeep Liberty more ground clearance they also regear it to a numerically lower gear. Therefore, it is often a good idea to eventually regear the differentials to a numerically higher gear in order to compensate for the increase in tire size. When changing gear ratios, both the front and rear differentials need to be regeared simultaneously. Generally, as long as the front and rear ratios are within two tenths of each other there won't be any problems. To break in the new gears the Liberty should be run at low speeds for five hundred miles and then the differential lube should be changed. See each axle's specific page for more information on regearing it. To identify your rear axle and gear ratio check the ID tag on the driver's side axle tube near the brake rotor.

Stock Gear Ratio Table

2.4L (2002–2004) 3.7L (2002–2004) 3.7L (2005–2006) 2.8L (2005–2006)
Automatic 4.10 3.73 3.73 3.73
Manual 4.10 3.73 3.55 N/A*

*A manual transmission wasn't available in North American 2.8L diesel models

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