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Skid Plates[edit | edit source]

The skids should be installed in the following order: transfer case skid, transmission skid, engine skid. This rear to front ordering prevents the skid overlap from catching obstacles when driving forward.

Engine[edit | edit source]

The Jeep Liberty's OEM engine skid plate is strong but scrapes up a lot of dirt when off roading. The Skid Row Front skid plate, constructed of 3/16" steel, is a good replacement. The Skid Row skid fits all 2002-present Libertys, including the CRD, and includes an engine oil filter drain hole.

Gas Tank[edit | edit source]

The Jeep Liberty's OEM gas tank skid plate is strong, but sometimes bends, causing the gas tank to crack. The Skid Row Gas Tank skid plate, constructed of 3/16" steel, is a good replacement. The Skid Row skid is compatible with most hitch receivers and differential guards and includes a heat shield to protect the plastic gas tank from exhaust heat. The Skid Row skid fits all 2002-present Libertys. Rusty's Offroad also makes a gas tank skid for the Liberty.

Transfer Case[edit | edit source]

The Jeep Liberty's transfer case has an aluminum body and needs protection. Fortunately, the OEM transfer case skid plate is plenty strong enough and probably won't need replacement. The Skid Row Front Skid Plate and Rusty's Off Road Transfer Case Skid, both constructed of 3/16" steel, are possible replacements. The Skid Row skid fits all 2002-present Liberty's, including those with the NV242 transfer case, and includes a transfer case oil drain hole.

Transmission[edit | edit source]

The OEM transmission skid plate is the weakest of the Jeep Liberty's skids and should be replaced first. The All J Products Super Skid, constructed of 1/4" steel with formed sides, reinforcing ribs, and outriggers, is a very durable replacement. Currently, the Super Skid comes in two different models: the Super Skid I fits 2002-2003 gas Libertys and all CRD Libertys, while the Super Skid II fits 2004-2006 Libertys. The Skid Row Engine & Transmission Skid Plate and Rusty's Offroad Engine Tranny Skid, both constructed of 3/16" steel, are also good replacements. The Skid Row skid fits all 2002-present Libertys, including the CRD, and includes an engine oil drain hole.

Rock Rails[edit | edit source]

JCR Offroad Inc.[edit | edit source]

No longer for Liberty

All J Products Boulder Bars[edit | edit source]

Carolina Rock Shop Rock Rails[edit | edit source]

Not in business anymore

Mopar Rock Rails[edit | edit source]

Rock Lizard Skink Sliders[edit | edit source]

Rock Lizard Fabrications produces the Standard Skink Slider and two different variations of it. The Standard Skink Slider is the base rock rail without any extra features. The Skink Step Slider extends three inches further from the body, thus allowing it to function as a step. The Skink Super Slider has an added tube to protect the doors from trees and rocks. The tube extends from the base rail to just past the plastic door trim. All the Sliders bolt to the Liberty with two dual-arm three-bolt unibody mounts and one large seven-bolt pinch weld mount. The arms extend from unibody mounts in a triangular fashion to reinforce the entire rail. The rails are shipped bare and should be painted with a rust preventer before installation. Powder coat is not recommended because it's more expensive and will only chip off when the rails come into contact with obstacles off road.

Rocky Road Outfitters Rock Rails[edit | edit source]

Rusty's Offroad - Rocker Panel Skids[edit | edit source]

Bumpers[edit | edit source]

ARB Bull Bar[edit | edit source]

ARB 2005-2007 Jeep Liberty Bullbar

ARB manufactures the most popular bull bar for the Jeep Liberty. It features air bag approval, ventilation, recessed lamp and Hi-Lift provisions, tow points, and a grey powdercoat. Inside, it supports a winch and factory foglights. Outside, it supports lights, antennas, and off-road flags via four pre-drilled holes. While the bull bar weighs less than 100 lbs, spacers or stiffer springs should be used in the front struts to counteract spring sag. There are two versions, one for 2002-2004 Libertys and one for 2005-2007 Libertys. The 2002-2004 model uses the factory turn signals, requires fender flare trimming, and supports the Warn HS9500, XD9000, M8000, and M6000 winches. The 2005-2007 model uses new turn signals, doesn't require fender flare trimming, and supports the Warn XD9000, M8000, M6000, and 9.5XP winches. The latest version of the bumper for 05-07 models uses generic led turn signals, and foglights from either ARB or 2006-2009 Toyota Hilux/4Runner.

Rock Lizard Monitor Lizard Front Bumper[edit | edit source]


Rock Lizard Komodo Dragon Rear Bumper[edit | edit source]


Differential Guards[edit | edit source]

  • Poison Spyder - Rock Ring
  • Four X Doctor - Diff Guard
  • Rusty's Offroad - Diff Guard
  • Rocky Road Outfitters - Diff Guard

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