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Compressors[edit | edit source]

ARB Compressors[edit | edit source]

The ARB CKSA12 was designed solely to operate ARB Air Lockers. It has an integrated air tank and two solenoid ports on the manifold.

Viair Compressors[edit | edit source]

Factory A/C Compressor[edit | edit source]

The factory A/C compressor in the Jeep Liberty is a centrifugal compressor and therefore its use as an onboard air compressor would be impractical. Centrifugal compressors are meant for high volumes at low pressure, whereas the preferred reciprocatimg compressor is meant for low volumes at high pressures. When used in conjunction with an air tank a reciprocating compressor can supply air at high volumes and high pressure, which is better suited for powering air tools.

York A/C Compressor[edit | edit source]

CO2 Systems[edit | edit source]

CO2 systems can be used to fill tires and control lockers, just like air compressors. However, when used with lockers, they must be properly regulated and release no liquid. While CO2 systems, such as the Power Tank, are portable, fast, and have a high duty cycle, they don't provide the unlimited pressure of air compressor systems.

Tank[edit | edit source]

  • Kilby
  • Oasis
  • Viair
  • Warn

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