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The Japanese commonly chat about the weather in idle conversation.

Related vocabulary

Words such as "いい" (good), "わるい" (bad), "あつい" (hot), あたたかい (warm), "すずしい" (cool), "さむい" (cold) and "ひどい" (terrible) are commonly used to describe the weather.

いいてんきですね。 — Nice weather, isn't it?
昨日、天気が寒かったです。 — Yesterday, the weather was cold.

Grammar Patterns[edit]

When "ね" is added after "です", it translates similarly to "isn't it?", or "eh?".
A phrase that usually translates to "it is, isn't it" in this context.


Japanese English
としお: きょうはいいてんきですね。 Toshio: It's nice weather today, isn't it?
きみこ: そうですね。 Kimiko: It is, isn't it.