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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Japanese English
エーさん:ビーさん、シーさんの家はどちらですか。Mr. A:Where is Mr. C place, Mr. B?

Vocabulary[edit | edit source]

Japanese English Reading Notes
まっすぐ行って Go straight massugu itte
〜へ()がる Turn to the 〜 he ma garu
次の (つぎ の) "(at the) next" tsugi no
角 (かど) "corner" ka do
左 (ひだり) "left" hidari
右 (みぎ) "right" migi
曲がって (まがって) "turn" magatte

See Japanese/Vocabulary/Direction for more vocabulary.

Grammar[edit | edit source]

The grammar here is pretty straight forward.

  • 「まっすぐ行ってください。」 "Please go straight."

Please go to the left/right.

  • "Please go to the left/right."

Please turn left/right at the next corner.:


If you are in a taxi and want to let the driver know when and where to stop and not throw you out the door, you say:

  • 「あそこで止まってください。」 "Please stop there."

Review[edit | edit source]

Practice[edit | edit source]