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Before you post on this page, please be aware:

  • This page is intended to provide a summary of unresolved issues, not a forum for discussion. The authors have set up a mailing list, which is the designated forum for discussion. Please bring up issues on the mailing list rather than posting them here.
  • Resolved issues should be removed from this page and added to the contributor's guide.
  • Questions about how to contribute are answered in contributor's guide. Please reference the guide before asking questions.
  • Questions about the Japanese language in general should be posted to the Q&A page. Please do not post language questions here.
  • Inevitably, newcomers will attempt to begin discussions on this page. Rather than responding here, please copy the question to the mailing list and respond there. Make sure the question is put in the appropriate section on this page, then respond with ":(One sentence summary of state of discussion). See mailing list for details." Once a decision has been reached, post a brief summary here and add the decision to the contributor's guide.