JLPT Guide/JLPT N1 Vocabulary/Row Wa

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  • 和, わ -sum, harmony, peace
  • 我がまま, わがまま -selfishness, egoism, wilfulness, disobedience, whim
  • 枠, わく -frame, slide
  • 惑星, わくせい -planet
  • 技, わざ -art, technique
  • 態と, わざと -on purpose
  • 態々, わざわざ -expressly, specially, doing something especially rather than incidentally
  • 煩わしい, わずらわしい -troublesome, annoying, complicated
  • 渡り鳥, わたりどり -migratory bird, bird of passage
  • 詫び, わび -apology
  • 和風, わふう -Japanese style
  • 和文, わぶん -Japanese text, sentence in Japanese
  • 藁, わら -straw
  • 割合に, わりあいに -comparatively
  • 割り当て, わりあて -allotment, assignment, allocation, quota, rationing
  • 割り込む, わりこむ -to cut in, to thrust oneself into, to wedge oneself in, to muscle in on, to interrupt, to disturb
  • 割り算, わりざん -division (math)
  • 割引き, わりびき -discount, reduction, rebate, tenths discounted
  • 悪者, わるもの -bad fellow, rascal, ruffian, scoundrel