Issues in Interdisciplinarity 2020-21/Sample chapter

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This is a sample chapter for Issues in Interdisciplinarity 2020-21. The purpose is to explain how chapters will link to the main page of the Wikibook.

When you are ready, you can link your chapter to the book in the same way as this chapter is linked. That is to say that under the relevant issue (History, Evidence, Truth or Power), you should type in the title of your chapter. You can then link that title using the 'link' icon and typing in your title in this format: Issues in Interdisciplinarity 2020-21/Title of chapter.

When you publish your changes, the title of your chapter will be red. Click on it and you can start editing your chapter.

If you've linked it correctly, a reader should be able to head back to the main page of the Wikibook using the link at the top of the page (see the link at the top of this page, for example). If there is no link, you haven't linked up your chapter correctly.

Note that, after the first letter (which is automatically capitalised), Wikimedia is case-specific. If you haven't managed to link your chapter correctly, it may be because you haven't capitalised the 'i' at the beginning of 'interdisciplinarity' (or it may be that you haven't spelt 'interdisciplinarity' correctly - it's easily done!)

Don't worry if you need to retitle or move your chapter - both these things are possible. Also, do not worry if you have set up a separate page for your chapter - this can be moved so it sits within the Wikibook. If you need help doing these things, talk to your seminar-leader.