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Wondering what you can do with that silly old box? Here's some examples.

Skyscraper![edit | edit source]

Make the Y axis lines longer and check it out! It's now a skyscraper!

Chessboard![edit | edit source]

Make the boxes black and white and make a chessboard!

Table![edit | edit source]

Make a rectangle composed out of boxes (2 x 3 should do)

Make a "flattened" box (less X axis)to make the table top.

Then erase the middle lines in the front of the rectangle.

Turn the three lines on the outside into legs and erase all the lines on the bottom.

A table! Yay! Perfect for fancy dinner parties. Well, maybe not yet.

First we have to talk about detailing.

About FAQ Intro 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Gallery