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  • Islam is a minority religion in Austria with 4.22% of the population in the 2001 census.[1]
  • According to the Austrian law, Muslims have the right to construct and establish schools and institutes and educational academic, but they should handle running expansions and offer the appropriate buildings. while the Austrian government will recognize it's certification lawfully and will pay for the teaching board.
  • There is minority that behave against the Hegab from some private schools and shops owner.
  • there is "Body of Islamic religious" and it's the main representable and the vote of the Muslims in the country.
  • Islam is the second main religion in the Austrian Army. and there is about 1000 Muslims in the Army and increasing.
  • If privates provided a certification from the Islamic Body that he is a Muslim, pork will not be his mean and if he provided an evidence that he is a Devoted Muslim he will be able to pray the five prayers and to feast Ramadan, a meal will provided to him at his breakfast time, and he will get a leave permission for Friday Pray and will have the Muslim Eid (Islam's two holidays) as Holidays.[2][3]

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