Introduction to Physical Science/Introduction

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Welcome To Physical Science[edit | edit source]

This Book[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the wikibooks free text "introductory physical science"! This free text is built as a year-long course in 7th-9th grade basic physical science. This book is a resource and a basis for the course, which is meant to be taught in a laboratory setting. This text centers on student hands-on work as well as answering questions using critical thinking. This book encourages students to write their own methods for each piece of work before they are simply given the proper procedure. Making mistakes is part of all learning, and in the context of science, it is no less important. Therefore, this book will place more emphasis on the procedure, process, and the quality of performance rather that the actual answer.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Student resources for this book are located within the next several pages, and teacher resources are in the back. Student resources include websites, common methods, a basic glossary, and conversion tables. Teacher resources include materials lists, procedures, detailed charts of results found oupon completion of experiments, and much more.

Use and Copyright[edit | edit source]

This textbook is free and available for every person to use. The book can be used in any method described under the GNU free documentation licence. Distribution is unlimited, and is very much encouraged.