Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry/Applications of Nanomaterials

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  Applications of Nanomaterials[edit]

PowerPoint slides for this chapter

  12.1 Nanotechnology is everywhere[edit]

  12.2 Toxicity and public concerns about nanomaterials[edit]

  12.3 Optical properties of metal nanoparticles[edit]

  12.4 Medical diagnostics and therapy with metal nanoparticles[edit]

  12.5 Nanomotors[edit]

  12.6 Nanoscience in energy: the basics of energy generation and use[edit]

  12.7 Lithium batteries[edit]

   12.8 Solar energy conversion[edit]

   12.9 Nanomaterials in solar cells[edit]

   12.10 Discussion questions[edit]

   12.11 Problems[edit]

  12.12 References[edit]