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Scrunchies are a good way to use small amounts of leftover yarn.

Scrunchies hold long hair into pony tails and braids. These are among the simplest and quickest projects for a beginning crocheter. They're cost effective too. A department store quality scrunchy often costs two to three times the price of a skein of yarn, and there will be enough yarn left over to make more scrunchies for envious family and friends.

Materials[edit | edit source]

  • 6.5mm crochet hook (U.S. size K)
  • Heavy chenille yarn
  • 10" dressmaker's elastic

Construction[edit | edit source]

A scrunchy is basically a long rectangle of fabric with a piece of elastic running through it and the ends joined into a loop.

When selecting a yarn to make a scrunchy, the three most important factors are pliancy and pile. The fiber should be flexible enough to gather with elastic and full enough to conceal the elastic. Chenille is a particularly good choice for people who have straight silky hair, because this yarn has extra grab. Wool blends often make very good scrunchies. Nylon, silk, and rayon are not good choices for scrunchies.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

  • Row 1: chain stitch 45. Add a turning chain of 2 stitches.
  • Row 2: half double crochet into previous row. Turn.
  • Row 3: same as row 2.

Leave the crochet ends loose while working the elastic. Secure elastic to one end of row 2 and leave 2" of elastic unused. Run free end of elastic through the stitches of the fabric, gathering material into folds as needed to keep the elastic free. Tie off the two ends together with an overhand knot, pull tight, and trim. Then use the loose ends of yarn from the crochet to stitch the end seams together and conceal the elastic knot. Trim excess.