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Crochet hook organizer

This handy little organizer was the first thing I ever designed. Originally I worked it as practice in the half double crochet stitch (yes, my skills were that basic at the time). It happened to be the right size for my crochet hooks so I stuck them through it and tied it with a piece of scrap yarn. Later when my skills had improved I added the border and bow ends.

So I really don't understand why craft stores sell crochet hook organizers. We're crocheters; we can make stuff! And yes, it saves money.

Materials[edit | edit source]

  • Cotton yarn
  • 4mm hook (U.S. size G)

Construction[edit | edit source]

If the border is too difficult at first, do what I did and just use a spare piece of yarn to hold the roll together. This should keep crochet hooks of nearly any size organized, although extreme oversized hooks and Tunisian crochet hooks won't fit.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Rolled up and tied


  • Row 1: chain stitch 40. Make 2 stitch turning chain.
  • Row 2: half double. Make 2 stitch turning chain.
  • Rows 3-20: Repeat row 2.


  • In a contrasting color, start from the center of one of the short sides and half double around the edge. To turn corners, work 5 half double stitches into the corner. Stop 1 stitch short of completing the border
  • To make the bow ties, chain stitch 30. Make a 1 stitch turning chain. Single crochet. Anchor with 1 half double stitch to complete the border. Make a second tie the same as the first one, then cut and work in loose ends.