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Beaded bracelet.

Here's a beginner project to impress fellow crocheters. Crochet lace and bead crochet have a reputation for being difficult, but really this project is as simple as they get. And a dainty little bracelet can be finished in no time at all. If you know how to put beads on string and can wrap yarn around a hook, you can make this.

Materials[edit| edit source]

  • Crochet hook, 2.5mm (U.S. size B)
  • Mercerized cotton crochet thread, size 10, ecru.
  • Glass beads, size E
  • Bracelet finding, sterling silver (or base metal)
  • Clear nail polish

Construction[edit| edit source]

This bracelet is designed to fit snugly; some variation will be necessary depending on the size of the wearer's wrist and the gauge of the crocheter. The pattern works in multiples of three, so measure the recipient's wrist and add or subtract stitches in multiples of three to achieve a proper fit.

To add beads during crochet, insert the hook into a stitch and slide one bead down into the stitch before wrapping the thread over the hook. Continue to make a single crochet normally.

When customizing a variable sized item, bear a couple of things in mind, The first row of chain stitches on any pattern will contract when the second row gets worked in. So the working length is unknown until the second row is complete. Also, it is always possible to work extra chain stitches into the first row and cut away excess. That way, if the initial estimate is an undercount, a few extra second row stitches can be worked into the starting chain to achieve the desired length. When the second row is complete and unused chain stitches remain, leave half a dozen chain stitches and trim off the rest, then unravel those unused chain stitches and work in as a loose end when the piece is complete.

Instructions[edit| edit source]

Before crocheting, string beads onto thread. Bead crocheters often make the stringing process easier by applying clear nail polish to the tip of the thread and waiting for it to dry. 32 beads were used in the sample bracelet. When in doubt, err on the generous side and string extra beads. Approximately 2 beads will be needed for each centimeter of length.

Size notes: the sample bracelet is 6" (16cm) long, not including the length of the clasp. It uses a base of 45 stitches and 32 beads. That equals approximately 2 beads and 3 stitches per centimeter of length. Allow approximately 1cm for the clasp.

  • Row 1: chain stitch 60. Turn. While turning, make a loop and run one clasp end through it. Work the loop down snug with the end of the chain.
  • Row 2: For the first stitch, work the hook through the loop that holds the clasp. Make a single crochet, securing the clasp into the stitch. Continue single crochet for 44 more stitches. Test size on recipient's wrist and add or subtract chain stitches as needed to achieve the desired fit. Turn.
  • Row 3: Chain stitch 4, skip two, single crochet into the third stitch while adding a bead. Repeat to the end of the row.
  • Special: flat stitch across the end of the row to the other side of the piece. At the midpoint, secure the other end of the clasp with a single crochet stitch.
  • Row 4: As row 3.