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Key Terms[edit]

Application software
Application software is all of the programs on a computer that to e specific task. i.e. playing video games, or typing a paper.[1]
Booting up a computer is the process where you first turn it on after a time where the computer is off. The computer does a system check to ensure everything is operational between the OS, Bios, and hardware.[2]
A computer is any electronic device that is programmable, accepts input, processes that data, and produces an output.[3]
Domain name
A domain name is a text based name that is unique to each computer on the internet.[4]
Email or electronic mail is a digital message sent from one user to another through a network or the internet.[5]
Embedded computer
An embedded computer is a small computing device that does a specific function for that device.[6]
Hardware is the physical, tangible parts of a computer.[7]
Input is where you would enter data to the computer, usually be means of peripherals. Such as keyboard and mouse.[8]
Simply put the internet is a network of networks, connecting millions of computers together.[9]
Internet service provider
The internet being a network of networks, you must be able to connect to said network and the only way is through an internet service provider(ISP). Generally the ISP is a large company that you would pay monthly for this service.[10]
Operating system
An operating system (OS) is the major system software that controls all other system applications, and manages the computer hardware. All PC's need an OS.[11]
Output occurs after the computer processes the data you inputted and displays said data.[12]

Review Questions[edit]

1. Keyboards and mice are two forms of _______ devices?

2. Microsoft word and windows media player are examples of ________

3. Comcast and AT&T are _________

4. The initial start up for a computer is the ____ sequence.

5. Before it is information it is ____.

6. The ___ helps to identify websites by a specific name.

7. The chip inside the computer which is essentially the "brain" of the whole system is called the ______

8. The physical parts of a computer are _______

9. A network of networks is called the ______

10. When sending a digital message from one computer to another you are using your _______



1. Input devices

2. Application software

3. ISP(Internet service providers

4. Boot

5. Data

6. Web address or domain name

7. CPU

8. Hardware

9. Internet

10. E-mail