Introduction to Computer Information Systems/Review

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Key Terms[edit | edit source]

Application software
Application software is all of the programs on a computer that is developed to do a specific task. i.e. playing video games, or typing a paper.[1]
Booting up a computer is the process where you first turn it on after a time where the computer is off. The computer does a system check to ensure everything is operational between the OS, Bios, and hardware.[2]
A computer is any electronic device that is programmable, accepts input, processes that data, and produces an output.[3]
Domain name
A domain name is a text based name that is unique to each computer on the internet.[4]
Email or electronic mail is a digital message sent from one user to another through a network or the internet.[5]
Embedded computer
An embedded computer is a small computing device that does a specific function for that device.[6]
Hardware is the physical, tangible parts of a computer.[7]
Input is where you would enter data to the computer, usually be means of peripherals. Such as keyboard and mouse.[8]
Simply put the internet is a network of networks, connecting millions of computers together.[9]
Internet service provider
The internet being a network of networks, you must be able to connect to said network and the only way is through an internet service provider(ISP). Generally, the ISP is a large company that you would pay monthly for this service.[10]
Operating system
An operating system (OS) is the major system software that controls all other system applications and manages the computer hardware. All PC's need an OS.[11]
Output occurs after the computer processes the data you inputted and displays said data.[12]

Review Questions[edit | edit source]

1. An object or device outside the computer, that one would plug into a port to control the functions of a computer are ________.

2. A calculator and Excel are are both an example of _________?

3. A public program and/or website available free of charge that encourages its users to contribute and develop it’s code.

4. Adobe reader is an example of ________?

5. The structure that fits all the computer components for a computer to function is a ___________.

6. A language sent to computers to read, also called bits, that is deciphered using only 1s and 0s is also called____?

7. A Storage device that uses flash and has no moving parts _____, also often referred to as a USB drive?

8. A computer that has limited amounts of functions and has a fixed purpose is a ______?

9. A ___________ is an Internal storage device that spins magnetically coated disks to store and retrieve data.

10. A ______ is a machine that is programmable.

11. A computer first needs to process ________ to produce information.

12. A component in the computer that transmits signals through copper wires to all the components in the computer.

13. . The _____ is also known as the “brains” of the computer.

References[edit | edit source]

Answers[edit | edit source]

1. Input Devices 2. Application Software 3. Open Source Software 4. Freeware 5. Computer Case 6. Binary Code 7. Solid State Drives (SSD) 8. Embedded Computers 9. Hard Drive Disks 10. Computer 11. Data 12. MotherBoard 13. CPU