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Vietnam[edit | edit source]

  • With a few exceptions meter stamps used in North Vietnam and South Vietnam during the Civil War (1960-1973) are indistinguishable from each other except for the town names. Accordingly we have not separated the stamps into North and South groups. Those designs known or thought to have been used exclusively in the North or the South during the War are identified in the descriptions.
  • Meter stamps inscribed with the country name first appeared in 1953. For earlier issues see FRENCH INDOCHINA.
  • Some post-war identification numbers and prefixes were assigned without regard to manufacturer or meter model. The numbers appear to have been assigned sequentially by town or according to some other variable.
  • Many if not most of the stamps listed are from Post Office machines although there is no certain way of proving this. Those that can be verified as Post Office stamps are identified in the descriptions. No specific group for Post Office stamps was used since it would give the false impression that stamps not included are not Post Office stamps.
  • The stamp are grouped according to inscription:
C - “VIET-NAM” and “BUU-CHINH” at top
D - “VIET-NAM”, “VIET NAM”, or 'VIETNAM" at top, “BUU-CHINH” or “BUU CHINH” at bottom
E - “BUU-CHINH” at top, “VIET NAM” or “VIETNAM” at bottom
F - Franks without country identification

GROUP A: Frank inscribed “VIET-NAM” at top[edit | edit source]

A1. Satas “C” (MV), 1953. [$10]

Upright rectangle with simulated perforation border open in center of the sides.
M# SC 3001 and up.
V/F: ★0.oo ★00.oo
a. With anti-fraud symbols in the open spaces at the sides of the frank ( at left, at right) [$25]

GROUP B: Frank inscribed “VIET-NAM, CONG-HOA” at top[edit | edit source]

B1. Havas “M” (MV). [$20]

Wide frank.
M# with “M.” prefix (0325, E018 and E019 seen).
V/F: ★00 .0

GROUP C: Frank inscribed “VIET-NAM” and “BUU-CHINH” at top[edit | edit source]

C1. Satas “C” (MV). [$25]

As Type A1 but with different inscriptions.
M# with “SC” prefix (3005, 3006, 3012 and 3013 seen).
V/F: ★0.oo

GROUP D: Frank inscribed “VIET-NAM”, “VIET NAM”, OR "VIETNAM" at top, “BUU-CHINH” or “BUU CHINH” at bottom[edit | edit source]

Sub-group DA: Simulated-perforation outer border[edit | edit source]

DA1.1. Satas “C” (MV). [$25]

As Types A1 and C1 but with different inscription.
M# with “SC” prefix (3045 and 3046 known).
V/F: ★00.oo

DA1.2. Satas “R” (MV). [$15]

Frank as with Type DA1.1 but with circular town mark.
M# with “SR” prefix.
V/F: ★00o ★000X ★00.oo (South only)

NOTE: Value figures "$VN ★00.oo" are reported to exist but have not been verified.

DA1.3. Satas “R” (MV). [$5]

Frank nearly square, 25-26 x 26-27 mm.
“Sô máy” in lower left and M# in lower right with “S” prefix.
Value figures are closer to “VN” than to the right frame line.
M# in 5000 series with “S” prefix.
V/F: $VN★00.oo (possibly used only in the South) VN★000 $VN★000 VN ★000X VN★0000đ

DA1.4. Satas “P” (MV). [$10]

Very similar to Type DA1.3 but the frank is slightly smaller and the date figures are more compressed.
The value figures are equidistant between the "VN" and the right frame line.
M# in 5000 series with “S” prefix.
V/F: $VN★000

DA1.5. Satas “J” (MV).

Similar to Types DA1.3 and 1.4 but the frank is shorter, 26 x 23-24 mm.
Date figures are tall.
“Sô máy” in lower left and M# in lower right with “S” prefix.
V/F: $VN 99.oo (South only) $VN 000 $VN 000X

DA1.6. Satas “J” (MV).

Nearly square frank, ~24 x 25-26 mm, with partial straight-line inner border.
Date figures tall.
M# breaks inner border line at bottom.
Value figures preceded by “đ / VN”.
M# with “Sõ:” prefix.
A. Right frame line intact
B. Value figures break the right frame line
V/F: 000 (A) 0000 (A) 000oo (A) 00000 (B) 00000 đ (B)
a. Solid unengraved rectangle in place of meter number

DA2.1. Camp (MV).

Post Office stamp.
Spacing between TM and frank narrow, ~6 mm.
M# “Sö máy” 1 and up.
All stamps are printed on labels affixed to letters and parcels, never directly to a cover.
A. Hour figure inside the TM right of the date
B. Hour figure between the TM and frank
V/F: ★00o

DA2.2. Camp (MV). [$15]

Post Office stamp.
Very similar to Type DA2.1B but the frank is slightly wider, and "VIET NAM" has no dash.
The identification number has “SO:” prefix.
V/F: ★0000

DA3.1. Pitney Bowes-GB “6300” (MV). [$20]

Wide rectangle, 37 x 23 mm, with dragons at the sides.
M# without prefix, some with “P.B.” as a suffix.
V/F: $VN 000 0000đ 0000

DA3.2. Pitney Bowes “EasyMail” (digital).

Short, wide frank with single-line simulated-perforation border.
Two columns of digits left of the TM.
M# with “SM” prefix.
V/F: 000000 đ

DA4.1. Frama “EPS3000” (MV).

Nearly square frank with single-line border broken in the center of the sides.
A. M# with “SM” prefix [$5]
B. M# “No 001” or "No 010" [$10]
V/F: 00000 đ

DA4.2. Frama “M/E bzw.100” (MV).

Similar to Type DA4.1 but slightly larger frank with complete outer frame line.
The value figures are larger than with DA4.1.
M# with “SM” prefix.
V/F: 000000 đ
a. Post Office stamp, with 3-letter prefix to the identification number at bottom. Seen are "HNI" (Hanoi) and "DNI" (Dong Nai). Others no doubt exist. Printed in red or black.

DA4.3. Frama “Sensonic” (digital).

Horizontal frank with extra large value figures.
Very narrow spacing between TM and frank.
With “VPS” (Vietnam Postal Service?) and number at bottom.
V/F: 000000 đ

DA5. Neopost “Electronic” (MV).

Very similar to Type DA4.1.
The meter number and prefix are slightly smaller, and the date figures have wide spacing between the month and year.
M# with “SO:” prefix.
V/F: 0000 đ 00000 đ
a. Post Office stamp, with "HCM" and number at bottom

DA6. Hasler “Mailmaster” (MV).

Similar to Type DA4.2 with complete outer frame line, but the frank and value figures are smaller.
The date figures are tightly spaced.
M# with “SM:” or “SO:” prefix.
V/F: 000000 đ
a. Post Office stamp. With "VPS" (Vietnam Postal Service?) in the town mark

DA7. Unidentified (digital).

Similar to Type DA4.3 but larger.
The value figures are raised and very close to "VIET NAM".
The date figures have four digit year as follows: DD.MM.YYYY
One example see with "HPG" prefix. This probably identifies the stamp as coming from a Post Office meter in Hai Phong.
TM: large SC
   V/F: 000000 đ

Sub-group DB: Straight-line outer border[edit | edit source]

DB1. Postalia (MV). (South Viet Nam only)

Upright rectangle with straight-line frame.
“Sö máy” at lower left, and M# at lower right.
M# 4001/GAMI and up.
A. Wide spacing, ~45 mm between TM and frank.
V/F: $VN0000 (M# 4000 only)
V/F: $VN00,00
B. Narrow spacing, ~6 mm between TM and frank
V/F: $VN00,00 $VN00000
V/F: $VN00.00 $VN000·— $VN000,00 $VN000.00
a. Top of TM unengraved
b. As B, value figures without "$VN" prefix: 000—

DB2.1. Pitney Bowes-GB “6300” (MV).

Frank is straight-line rectangle with diamond-shaped ornament at left.
M# with “SM:” prefix.
A. Wide frank ~36-37 x 24 mm
B. Nearly square frank ~21-22 x 23 mm with space in right frame line
V/F: 0.000 đ 0.000 ođ
a. Date figures locally made, day and year figures larger than month

DB2.2. Pitney Bowes-GB “6300” (MV).

Similar to Type DB2.1A but without meter number.
Bottom line reads “Sõ……”.
V/F: 0000

DB2.3. Pitney Bowes-GB “6300” (MV).

Similar to Type DB2.1A but the meter number breaks the bottom frame line.
Two seen, “PB 8061” and 0393 without prefix.
TM: DC or nil
V/F: 0000 đ 00.000 đ

DB3.1. Hasler “Mailmaster” (MV).

Similar to DB2 types with single straight-line frame and diamond-shaped ornament at left.
A. Wide frank ~32-33 x 25 mm, M# with “SM:” prefix
B. Square frank, ~28-29 mm, M# “MS: 29” seen
V/F: 0000 đ 00000 đ

DB3.2. Hasler “Mailmaster” (MV).

Similar to DB3.1B but with six-bank value figures leaving no room for the diamond-shaped ornament.
V/F: 0000000 đ (range: 100 to 999900)

DB4. Neopost “Electronic” (MV).

Similar to DB2 and DB3 types.
Frank with single straight-line frame ~32-33 x 25-26 mm.
M# with “SM:” prefix.
V/F: 0000 đ 00000

DB5. Neopost “205” (MV).

Upright rectangle with single straight-line frame.
Date figures tall.
M# with “SM:” prefix.
V/F: 0000 đ

Sub-group DC: Without outer border[edit | edit source]

DC1. Havas (MV).

This appears to be locally constructed from predominantly Havas parts.
Frameless frank with straight-line TM mirroring frank.
The single impression seen cuts off the identification number at right of “BUU CHÍNH SÓ”.
V/F: ★ 0oo đ

GROUP E: Frank inscribed “BUU-CHINH” at top, “VIETNAM” or “VIET NAM” at bottom[edit | edit source]

E1.1. Hasler “Mailmaster” (MV).

Upright rectangle with simulated-perforation outer border and straight-line inner border.
“VIETNAM” without space.
Without M# number.
V/F: 0000 đ

E1.2. Hasler “Mailmaster” (MV).

Frank 25 x 28 mm with single-line simulated-perforation border with breaks in sides.
“VIET NAM” with space.
The date figures are tightly spaced.
Without M#.
V/F: 00000 đ

E2. Neopost “Electronic” (MV).

Similar to Type E1.2 but the frank is not as tall, 25 mm square.
The date figures have wide spacing between month and year.
Without M#.
V/F: 0000đ

GROUP F: Frank without country name[edit | edit source]

F1. Havas "M" (MV).

This appears to be an extensively damaged and repaired machine, possibly the same one that printed type B1.
Frameless frank without country name.
“BEN THANH” at top, value figures at center between two diamond shaped ornaments, and "70102" at bottom.
TM: straight line at lower left "B.D. VIET NAM"
V/F: ★00 .0

F2. Hasler "Mailmaster" (MV).

Stamp without frank.
Value figures alone at right of the town mark.
"HANOI" in town mark.
V/F: 0000

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