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[edit | edit source]
  • The first meters were installed in 1924.
  • Most franks contain “URUGUAY”. One contains the abbreviation “R. O. del U.”, and one post office meter does not show the country name or an abbreviation.
  • The stamps are grouped by design usage:
A – Private use stamps with simulated perforation border"
B – Private use stamps with open design, incomplete outer border"
C - Private use stamps with straight line border
PO – Stamps generated by meters in post offices

NOTE: The typing scheme for Uruguay has been completely revised from the printed catalog. Apologies to those inconvenienced by this.

GROUP A: Private use franks with simulated perforation outer border

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Sub-group AA: Frank contains small central circle holding the meter number

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NOTE: See Type PO1 for a design nearly identical to Sub-group AA.

AA1. Universal “NZ” (FV-6), 1924.

Upright frank with simulated perforation outer border and sunburst design at center.
“URUGUAY” curved.
M# in small circle at center of sunburst.
“CENTESIMOS” in ribbon at bottom.
M# without prefix.
A. Straight-line TM in black including company name with or without advertising   [$35]
B. As A, but in red   [$35]
C. Single circle TM in black including arc at bottom   [$10]
D. As C, but in red   [$10]
Values:      1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 15

NOTE: Brown town marks for Type AA1 are known. They are probably a blend of red and black inks rather than a deliberate brown.

AA2. Universal “Midget” (FV-3/5), 1929.   [$10]

Similar to Type AA1, but the central circle is larger and the meter number has an “M” prefix.
M#s M1-M19.
TM: DC, nil
Values:      1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 25

Sub-group AB: Frank without a small central circle

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AB1. Francotyp “C” (Universal “MultiValue”) (MV), 1932.   [$10]

Upright frank with value figures in center.
“URUGUAY” straight. M# below frank.
Wide spacing between TM and frank with S# high.
M#s 20-22 and 314 without prefix, and M21.
Date figures without stops.
V/F:      000 (A)
a. Official use, M# 20 and 314

AB2. Universal “MultiValue” (MV).   [$25]

Frank nearly identical to Type AB1, but spacing is narrower and TM is lowered.
Small date figures with stop after the month.
V/F:      000 (A)

AB3. Universal “Automax” (MV).   [$25]

Frank inscribed with the abbreviation "R O del U" instead of the full country name.
Frank with single outer frame line and with ornament at top.
With TM lowered as with Type AB2.
V/F: (A)

AB4. Francotyp “C” (MV), 1931.

Similar to Type AB1 but frank is larger and with large meter number with “F” prefix outside the frame line at left.
A. Large frank, 28 mm wide   [$10]
B. Frank 24 mm wide   [$15]
V/F:      000 (A)      0.00 (O)

AB5. Universal “MultiValue” (MV), 1940.

Square frank with single, simulated perforation frame line.
Value figures variable in thickness.
M# with “MV –“ prefix below frank.
A. With “CENTESIMOS” at bottom of frank, TM on same level as frank
B. As A, but TM lowered, date figures small
C. With “N$ | CTS” at bottom of frank, TM on same level as frank
V/F:      0000 (O)      00oo (O)      000 (A,O)      00000 (O)      0000 (A,O)      000000      000oo (A,O)

AB6. Pitney Bowes-GB “Automax” (MV).

Very similar to Type AB5 but value figures are of uniform thickness.
M# with “MV –“ prefix below frank.
A. With “PESOS” at bottom of frank, TM on same level as frank
B. As A, but “N$ | CTS” at bottom of frank
C. As B, TM lowered, date figures small
TM: DC   [$10]
V/F:      =0.oo      =00oo      =00.oo      =0000oo

AB7. Hasler “F88” (MV).

Upright frank with single, wavy line frame line.
Frank 24-26 mm wide.
Without M# but with license number (PERMISO) at bottom of frank.
A. With “PERMISO No” and number
B. With “PERMISO No” and number above “N$ Cts.”
C. With “PERMISO No” and number above “N$”
D. With “N$ | CTS” alone at bottom
V/F:      0000      00,oo      000oo      000.oo      0000oo
a. With unengraved block after “PERMISO No”
b. Post Office stamp: TM with “DIR. NAL. DE CORREOS”
c. Post Office stamp: TM with “DIRECCION GENERAL DE CORREOS”
d. Post Office stamp: TM with “CORREO” at top or bottom
e. Air mail only, TM with “SERVICO AEREO” at top
f. TM with ornament at bottom

AB8. Satas (MV).   [$20]

Frank as Type AB5 but meter number with “S” prefix.
V/F:      ★0.oo

AB9. Hasler “F88” (MV).

As Type AB8 but much larger, frank 29 mm wide.
All examples seen have “PERMISO No” and number above “N$ Cts.” at bottom.
V/F:      000,oo
a. Post Office stamp: TM contains “DIR. NAL. DE CORREOS”

AB10. Pitney Bowes-GB “Simplex” (LV-21).   [$25]

Smaller frank with panel at bottom.
M# with “S” prefix in small boxes in lower corners with line between.
Values seen:      5, 7, 25

AB11. Francotyp “Cc” (MV).

Frank very similar to Types AB1 and AB2.
Scroll at bottom containing currency indicator.
Permit number with or without “PERMISO No” prefix at bottom of the town mark.
Distance between center of date and value figures is 40 mm.
A. With “CENTESIMOS” in scroll at bottom
B. With “$ | Cts.” in scroll at bottom
V/F:      ◆000      ◆000 o (small fixed zero cuts frame line)      ◆000 o (larger fixed zero doesn't cut frame line)
a. With unengraved block below frank

AB12. Francotyp “Cm 7000/10000” (MV).

As Type AB11 but distance between TM and frank is 36-37 mm, and the value figures are narrower.
M#, with or without “MAQ.” prefix, at bottom of TM.
A. With “CENTESIMOS” in scroll at bottom
B. With “$ | Cts.” in scroll at bottom
C. With “N$ | Cts.” in scroll at bottom
D. With “N$ ” in scroll at bottom
V/F:      ◆000      ◆0000
a. Post Office stamp: Town mark with “DIR. NAL. CORREOS” at top, machine ID number at bottom

GROUP B: Private use franks with open design without complete outer frame line

[edit | edit source]

B1. Pitney Bowes “R” (MV), 1950.

Horizontal design with TM incorporated into the frank.
Balance, coat of arms and horse and bull design between value box and TM.
P# with “P.B.PERM.No” prefix below horse and bull.
M# in 5000 series.
V/F:      00 :      ★ 00 :      ★00oo (breaks right frame lines)

B2. Pitney Bowes “DM” (LV-?), 1954.

Similar to Type B1 but much smaller.
“P.B.” low outside TM at left.
P# with “PERM.No” or “PERMISO No” prefix below horse and bull.
M# in 5000 series.
Values:      01 through at least 20

B3. Neopost "105" (LV).     [Appears to be scarce]

Winged helmet design with "REPUBLICA O. DEL" in ribbon above "URUGUAY" at top.
Fancy ornaments at center above the value figures at bottom center.
M# with "RN" prefix inside arcs at the lower corners.
Values:      0.01 to ?

GROUP C: Private use franks with straight outer frame lines

[edit | edit source]

C1. Postalia (MV).

Upright frank with single, straight-line frame and image of a walking or standing bird at top center.
“CORREOS” stacked in panel at left, and URUGUAY” stacked in panel at right.
Panel at bottom contains “PERM.PLIA.” over the permit number.
A. Wide spacing between TM and frank. “Centesimos” above bottom panel
B. Narrow spacing between TM and frank. “Centesimos” above bottom panel
C. Wide spacing. “PESOS” above bottom panel
D. Narrow spacing. “PESOS” above bottom panel
E. Wide spacing. "N$ | CTS" above bottom panel
V/F:      000      0000      00000 (breaks inner frame line at right)

C2. Hasler "Mailmaster" (MV).

Horizontal frank with single straight-line frame and no inner frame lines.
"REPUBLICA O. DEL" above "URUGUAY" at top, "PERMISO No" and permit number at bottom.
V/F:      00.00      000,00
a. Permit number negative against a solid field
b. Date present without TM

NOTE: In addition to variety b, other permit number variations exist including the use of different size digits in the number.

GROUP PO: Stamps from machines used only in Post Offices

[edit | edit source]
  • See also types AB7a/b/c/d, AB9a, and AB12a for stamps generated in post offices.

PO1. Universal “NZ” (FV-6), 1924.   [$10]

Nearly identical to Sub-group AA design but the circle at the center of the frank is blank, and the town mark is quite different.
The meter number flanks the town mark, with a large letter “A” at left and a Roman numeral (I through IV) at right.
Values:      1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12

PO2. Francotyp-Postalia “T1000” (digital).

Similar to Type AB12 but the frank is square rather than upright.
Spacing between TM and frank is very narrow.
The value figures are also very narrow.
One seen with TM as   DIR. NAC. DE CORREOS / E005 – FP
V/F:      000.00

PO3. Frama “Sensonic” (digital).

Wide frank with thick frame line consisting of three rows of closely spaced dots.
Country name at top, blank at bottom.
Value figures large and tall.
One seen with TM as   ADM. NAC. CORREOS / PERM.00
V/F:      $ 000.00

PO4. Francotyp "Cc/Ccm" (MV).

The frank consists of the value figures only, without outer frame.
The town mark contains "DIR. NAL. DE CORREOS".
No country name in the stamp.
V/F:      0000

PO5. Francotyp "Taxograph" (MV), 1991 or earlier.   [Appears to be rare]

Both the frank and town mark are rectangles.
The frank is a simple square with "URUGUAY" at top and "N$ | cts" at lower right. The left frame line has an opening in the center containing the machine number reading up.

The town/date mark is a smaller rectangle with rounded corners. It contains "MAQ No" and the machine number at bottom. The frame is open at right and can contain a large narrow "R" when used to frank registered mail.
Between the TM and frank is a postal slogan, "UTILICE EN SU CENEFICIO EL CODIGO POSTAL" (use the postal code in your office). Other slogans also may have been used.
V/F:      00000

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