International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog/Uganda

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Uganda[edit | edit source]

  • Uganda was a British colony until it gained independence in 1962. For several years after independence it’s postal affairs were managed communally with Kenya and Tanzania, and it used meter stamps inscribed with all three country names. Only a few postage meters were put into use with UGANDA alone as the country name. For stamps used before independence and for post-independence stamps inscribed KENYA, UGANDA and TANZANIA see EAST AFRICAN COMMUNITY. More stamp types than the two shown here are probably in use.

1. Neopost "Frankmaster" / "305" (MV).      [$20]

Frank with simulated perforation outer border and inner box surrounding value figure.
Leaves at sides of value box.
“POST/ PAID” centered at bottom.
Spacing variable between TM and frank.
M# with “N” prefix.
V/F:      00·00

2. National Cash Register (MV).      [$150]

Post Office stamp.
Frameless design printed on orange-yellow labels, never directly to covers.
Date at top above “UGANDA” underlined and curved with groups of three arcs at sides.
Value figures in center and impression counter number at right.
At bottom is ID letter “A” between arcs with “KAMPALA” at bottom.
Only Meter “A” known.
V/F:      –00.00