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Tanzania[edit | edit source]

  • Tanganyika was a British colony until it gained independence in 1961 and merged with Zanzibar in 1964 to form the new country of Tanzania. For many years after independence it’s postal affairs were managed communally with Kenya and Uganda, and it used meter stamps inscribed with all three country names. Stamps inscribed TANZANIA by itself appeared in the 1990s.
  • The stamps are grouped according to use:
A – Stamps for commercial use
PO – Stamps generated by machines in post offices
  • For stamps used before independence and for post-independence stamps inscribed KENYA, UGANDA and TANZANIA, see EAST AFRICAN COMMUNITY. See also ZANZIBAR for stamps used before the merger into Tanzania.

GROUP A: Franks for commercial use [edit | edit source]

A1. Pitney Bowes-GB “6300” (MV).

Horizontal frank with simulated perforation outer border.
“TANZANIA” at top with “SHS” above “POSTAGE PAID” at bottom.
M# without prefix low between TM and frank.
V/F: 000 0000

A2. Neopost “Electronic” (MV).

Horizontal frank with straight-line border.
Country name outside frame line at top, and “POSTAGE PAID” vertical outside at right.
M# with “T.” prefix and “-DAR” suffix breaks bottom frame line.
V/F: 000

A3. Neopost “Electronic” (MV).

As Type 3 but without country name at top of frank.
“TANZANIA” is found in the town mark.
M# with “T.” prefix and “-DAR” suffix breaks bottom frame line.
V/F: 000

A4. Hasler "Mailmaster (MV).

Horizontal rectangle with country name at top and meter number at lower right.
"SHS. CTS." at bottom center.
M# with "HF" prefix.
V/F: 0000

A5. Pitney Bowes-GB “6600” (MV).
As Type A1 except M# has "PB" prefix and breaks lower left corner of frank.
V/F: 0000

GROUP PO: Franks generated by machines in Post Offices[edit | edit source]

PO1. National Cash Register (MV), 1964. [$200]

Frameless design printed on orange-yellow labels, never directly to covers.
Date at top above “TANZANIA” underlined and curved with groups of three arcs at sides.
Value figures in center and S# at right.
At bottom is ID letter “A” between arcs with “DAR-ES-SALAAM” at bottom.
Only Meter “A” is known.
V/F: –00.00

PO2. Massad (digital), 1997.

Predominantly red-brown underprint with circular postal service logo at left beneath text.
At right is an inner frame white background for the value figures.
"TANZANIA / POSTAL CORPORATION" is above the inner frame.
Point of sale data added in purple.
A. Regular mail label
B. Registered mail label, with registration box below frank
V/F: (00)0.00

PO3.1. Unidentified (digital), 2010 or earlier.

Tall paper printout with data divided into four sections:
- The top section is headed "TANZANIA POSTS CORPORATION" and contains the post office name, date and time, postal clerk identification, mail classification, and article number.
- One section contains tax information.
- One section names the value figures and weight.
- One section identifies the sender and destination.
A. Tax information is in the second section
B. Tax information is in the bottom section
We have seen three of these stamps, all used on mail sent overseas. One is printed in black on white paper. One is printed in black on pink paper, and the third is printed in blue on pink paper. The pink paper examples may be carbon copies with the originals being used as receipts or as postal records.
V/F: 0000.00 Ths 0000.00Ths
a. With non-postal message added at bottom, "well come may GOD bless you"


  • The stamps are shown at reduced size.
  • Stamps from this system for domestic mail would not include customs information.
  • See Ghana Type PO1 for a similar stamp.

PO3.2. Unidentified (digital), 2015 or earlier.

Very similar to Type PO3.1 but the text is divided into six sections rather than four:
- The top section is headed "TANZANIA POSTS CORPORATION" and contains the town name and "CASH MEMO".
- The second section contains the invoice number, date, and postal clerk identification
- The third section contains the mail class, destination, weight, and item number
- The fourth section (with six sub-sections) contains payment data including the value figures.
- The fifth section identifies the sender contains the destination.
- The bottom section contains coding of unknown purpose.
This stamp is printed in blue on yellow paper and is presumed to be the carbon copy of an original that was used as a record or receipt.
V/F: TSH 0,000.00

NOTE: The cover (and stamp) are shown at 2/3 size.