International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog/Syria

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Syria[edit | edit source]

  • An independent state since 1946 Syria had been a French mandated territory during the years between the two world wars.
  • The first meter stamps appeared in the 1970s. Digital meter stamps first appeared in or near 2005.

Syria stamp type 1.jpg
1. Secap (MV).     [Scarce]
Upright frank with simulated perforation border.
“R.A. SYRIENNE” at bottom.
M# with “NA” prefix below bottom frame line.
V/F:      0000

Syria stamp type 2.jpg
2. Postalia "D3" (MV).
Wide frank with simulated perforation border.
“SYRIAN A.R.” at top below Arabic inscription.
M# with “PS” prefix at bottom center.
V/F:      0000 P

Latakia Meter.jpg
3. Neopost (digital), 2005.
Quite similar to Type 2 but the value figures are very small, no taller than the date figures.
Meter number with "SP" prefix.
V/F:      0000 LS
a. Blank at top of town mark, no town name in Arabic

Syria Type 4.jpg
4. Camp “PR” (MV).
Post Office stamp
Small upright frank with very narrow spacing.
“R.A. SYRIENNE” at bottom.
The hour figure is located in the narrow space between the TM and frank.
V/F:      MeterCat 5-point asterisk.jpg 0 0 0