International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog/Suriname

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Suriname (Dutch Guiana)[edit | edit source]

  • When the first meters were placed into use in 1953 this country was a colonial territory of the Netherlands. Suriname gained independence in 1975.
  • All stamps are inscribed “SURINAME”.

1. Francotyp “C” (MV).    [$5]

Irregular frank with country name extended at top beyond width of rest of design.
Frame lines at sides dentated. “CENT” at bottom.
M# with “F” prefix below frank.
TM: straight line at top of rectangle with double dentated sides
V/F:     00      00–      000

2. Francotyp “Cc” (MV). [$5]

Similar to Type 1 but width of frank is uniform down to “CENT” where it indents.
M# with “F” prefix.
TM as with Type 1
V/F:     00      ◆000

3. Hasler (MV).    [$5]

Country name above winged helmet at top.
Straight single-line frame at right and bottom.
Column of horizontal lines between TM and value figures.
M# with “HR” prefix is above horizontal line column.
TM: semi-circle with horizontal lines at the sides
V/F:     ◇000◇

4. Francotyp “Cc/Ccm” (MV).

Post Office stamp.
Square frank with straight lines at top and bottom, without line at left and with dentated line at right.
M# with “LK” prefix at bottom left.
With “C” at lower right
A. Double circle town mark
B. Rectangular town mark with dentated sides
V/F:     000      ◆000
a. Blank at lower right

5. Francotyp-Postalia “EFS3000/NEF300” (MV).

Nearly identical to Type 4 but value figures are smaller and narrower.
M# at bottom left.
A. M# with “LK” prefix (Post Office stamp)
B. M# with "FM" prefix (private, commercial use stamp)
V/F:     0000

6. Frama "M/E" (MV), 1994.

As Types 4 and 5 but with thick value figures.
M# with “D” prefix.
V/F:     000