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Sudanese Republic[edit | edit source]

  • This short-lived nation was called French Sudan when it first emerged from the former French West Africa in 1958 but soon changed its name to the Sudanese Republic. Only a few months later, in early 1959, it merged with another former French colony, Senegal, to become the Mali Federation. See FRENCH WEST AFRICA and MALI FEDERATION for stamps used in the area before and later.
  • The one stamp known is inscribed “REPUBLIQUE SOUDANAISE” in the frank.

1. Havas "M” (MV), 1959-1961. [Extremely rare. Value uncertain]

Frank wider than tall with simulated perforation outer border and straight line inner border.
"REPUBLIQUE / SOUDANAISE" at top, "POSTES" above meter number at bottom.
The frank borders are broken at the centers of both sides.
Only meter MG 3296 known
V/F: ★000

NOTE: Only three examples are presently known of this stamp.