International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog/Somalia

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[edit | edit source]
  • The colonies of British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland united in 1960 to form the Somali Democratic Republic also known as Somalia.
  • All stamps are inscribed “SOMALE” or “SOMALIA”.
  • The earliest meter stamps found are from 1964.
  • Meters do not seem to have been used for many years. They do not appear to be in use at the present time (2013). Examples are quite scarce.

1. Sima (MV), 1964. [$35]

Square frank with simulated perforation outer border and straight line inner border.
Inscribed “POSTE SOMALE” at top.
“SH. SO.” below value figures.
A single wavy line appears at both sides.
The town mark and slogan are enclosed in a greater straight line outer border.
One meter known used, by the National Bank of Somalia.
Without M#.
V/F: ★00.00

2. Sima (MV).

Similar to Type 1 but “POSTE” at top, and “SOMALIA” at bottom.
With leaf ornaments at both sides.
TM and slogan enclosed in greater outer border which is a continuation of the simulated perforation and straight line border of the frank.
Two meters known:
A. Used by the Bank of Rome, with appropriate slogan [$100]
B. Used by the Commercial and Savings Bank of Somalia, without slogan [Extremely rare with only one cover known]
V/F: ◆0.00 (G)

3. Sima (MV). [$50]

Similar to Type 2 but with wavy parallel line ornaments at the sides.
With straight line greater outer border.
Three users known so far: the Bank of Naples. Somali Savings and Credit Bank, and Monti & Loche.
V/F: 0.00 ★0.00

4. Sima (MV). [$75]

As Type 3 but with two vertical lines at the sides.
Without greater outer border.
Two users reported so far: Ministry of Mining and Water Resource, and Ministry of Planning and Co-ordination.
V/F: 0.00