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Senegal[edit | edit source]

  • The first issues with “REPUBLIQUE DU SENEGAL” in the frank appeared in 1961. Until 1960 Senegal was part of French West Africa. See FRENCH WEST AFRICA for stamps issued before 1960.
  • From 1960 to about 1976 Senegal was included in the Federation of Mali, and some meter stamps inscribed “FEDERATION DU MALI” were used in the country. See MALI, Group A, for those issues.
  • The stamps are grouped by usage:
A – private and commercial use
PO – generated only by machines in post offices

GROUP A: stamps for commercial and private use[edit | edit source]

A1. Satas “D” (MV), 1961. [$10]

Upright rectangle with single-line simulated perforation border.
M# with “SD” prefix.
V/F: ★000F ★00.oo

A2. Satas “R” (MV), 1961.

M# with “SR” or “S.R.” prefix.
V/F: ★000F ★000 ★00.oo

A3. Satas “J” (MV).

As Type 3, but M# with “SJ” or “S.J.” prefix.
Date figures tall.
V/F: ★00 000 0000

A4. Satas “P” (MV), 1960.

Date figures tall.
M# with “SP” prefix.
V/F: ★000

A5. Havas “M” (MV).

Horizontal rectangle with simulated perforation outer border and straight-line inner border, open at sides.
“REPUBLIQUE / DU SENEGAL” at top, “POSTES” straight at bottom with M# below.
M# with “M” or “MG” prefix.
A. M# with “M” prefix [$5]
B. M# with “MG” prefix
Straight-line TM
V/F: ★000 F ★000

A6. Havas “P” (MV).

Date figures short.
M# with “P” prefix.
A. “POSTES” straight
B. “POSTES” curved [$5]
V/F: ★000

A7. Secap “N” (MV). [$15]

M# with “N” prefix.
TM above date: straight-line below frank
V/F: 0000

A8. Satas (MV). [$5]

Similar to Type 6B but M# with “GX” prefix.
V/F: 000

GROUP PO: stamps generated by meters in post offices[edit | edit source]

PO1. Camp (MV). [$10]

Hour figure present.
Printed on tape only, never directly to cover.
Hour figure appears inside TM circle at right of the date.
M# with “PR” prefix in lower left corner.
V/F: ★000

PO2. Camp (MV).

As Type PO1 but the hour figure appears between the TM and frank.
A. M# with "PR" prefix
B. M# without prefix, blank at lower left
V/F: ★000
a. Printed in black

PO3. Unidentified (digital), 2006.

Large plain white self-adhesive label with rounded corners.
Point-of-sale data appears at lower left.
The town name is above the value figures which are above the date, time, and weight.
V/F: ∅∅∅
a. Used for registration, with barcode and registration number at bottom

PO4. Unidentified (digital), 2007.

Horizontal label with underprint design in light gray blue and the Senegal Post logo at upper left in dark blue.
Point-of-sale data is same as with Type PO3.
V/F: ∅∅∅
a. Used for registration, with barcode and registration number at bottom (shown)
b. Label upside down (shown at right)