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Norfolk Island[edit | edit source]

  • A digital Hytech franking machine was installed in the Norfolk Island Post Office in 1997. This was the only meter used on the Island.
Australia stamp type PO17 Norfolk Island.jpg
  • In July 2016 Norfolk Post ceased operations and the island's postal services were handed over to Australia Post. An EPOS machine that issues Australia Type PO17 stamps is now in service. A stamp from the machine is shown at right. The Hytech machine was removed from service probably at the same time.

Norfolk Island stamp type 1.jpg

1. Hytech (digital), 1997.

Point-of-sale data printed on adhesive labels with “Norfolk / POST” and pine tree design preprinted in black, red and green at left.
At right, under the point-of-sale data, is a negative image of a pine tree against a pale green background.
Point-of-sale data printed in black: transaction number / date / time and ID# / value figures / “NORFOLK ISLAND”. Bar code vertical at right.
V/F: MeterCat 5 spaces.jpg$0.00

NOTE: Although dated, these Post Office counter stamps could be taken away and used at any time just like traditional adhesive postage stamps.

Norfolk Island stamp type 2.jpg

2. Hytech (digital).

Same machine that produced Type 1 but with new label design.
The underprint at left has an owl in green sitting on a branch above the “Norfolk / POST” logo.
At right, the underprint shows another image of the owl in gray-green against a paler green background.
Point-of-sale data printed at right, in purple, without date, time and ID number, with bar code vertical at right.
V/F: MeterCat 5 spaces.jpg$0.00