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Newfoundland[edit | edit source]

  • The first meter appears to have been used in 1928 or possibly 1929.
  • All franks are inscribed “NEWFOUNDLAND”.
  • Newfoundland united with Canada in 1949. For issues after 1948 see CANADA.

NOTE: Catalog values, especially for Types 1, 3, 4 and 5, are for examples with readable meter numbers and frame lines. Indistinct impressions are common and worth far less than the stated catalog values which are for clear impressions on cover.

Newfoundland stamp type 1.jpg
1. Universal “Midget” (FV-3), 1928.
Upright frank with simulated perforation outer border.
Country name in wave at top, oval of petals surrounding large crown and “GvR” at center.
Value figure at bottom center with “No” at left and meter number at right.
Meters 1, 5 and 6 known.
TM: DC, nil
Values:       2,   3     [$100]
Value:       1     [$150]
Value:       4     [$200]

Newfoundland Type 2.jpg
2. Universal "Midget" (FV-3).     [Quite rare, value uncertain]
As Type 1, but with “GviR” (for King George VI) at center of frank.
Values:       2,   3

Newfoundland stamp type 3.jpg
Newfoundland stamp type 3aa.jpg
3. Neopost (LV2/3), 1929.     [$100]
Upright frank with central vignette showing view of shoreline.
M# with “N” prefix at upper left of vignette.
Value figure at bottom center flanked by “CENTS” on both sides.
With simulated-perforation outer frame line and straight inner frame line.
The bottom frame lines are unbroken.
Meters N2, N3, N4, N11, N12 and N16 seen.
Values:       1,    2,    3,    4
a. Printed in light blue or green, meter N11     [Add $50]

Newfoundland stamp type 4.jpg
4. Neopost (LV-6).
Very similar to Type 3 but the bottom frame lines are broken to the left and right of the value figure.
M# with “N” prefix.
Meter N14, N15, N17 seen.
Value:       5     [$25]
Values:       2,    3,    4     [$50]

Newfoundland Type 5.jpg
5. Neopost (LV-6).
Very similar to Type 4 but without the straight frame line inside the simulated-perforation border.
Also used as a replacement die for Types 3 and 4 when those dies became worn.
M# with “N” prefix.
Meters N4-9, N13, N18, N19-27, N30, N32 seen.
Value:       5     [$10]
Value:       3     [$20]
Values:       2,    4     [$35]
Values:       1,    10,    20     [$75]

Newfoundland stamp type 6.jpg
6. Pitney Bowes “Model H5” (FV5), 1948.     [$150]
Nearly square frank without outer frame line.
Crown flanked by “Gvi” and “R” at top above country name.
Value figure above “POST-PAID” in central value box.
Small vignette of elk at bottom above meter number.
M# 35500-35504 and 35513 with “P.B. METER No” prefix.
Values seen:       .01,   .03,   .04,   .05,   .10,   .15

Newfoundland stamp type 7.jpg
7. Pitney Bowes “Model R” (MV), 1947.     [$25]
Horizontal frank without outer frame line.
Large country name at top above crown / "GviR" centered between town mark and frank.
M# 180000 to 180017 (except 180012 and 180015 not seen) with “P.B. METER” prefix.
V/F:       00 :       00 :