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Nepal[edit | edit source]

  • The first day of use of postage meters was 10 April, 1967. This first machine, license KN-2, apparently was the only meter used in the country until 1969.
  • All stamps have “NEPAL POSTAGE” in the frank. None of the stamps have meter numbers but most have a license number with “KN” prefix in the town mark.
  • Due to the frequent use of coarse paper and the difficulties of maintenance in this remote mountain kingdom, clear, readable meter stamp impressions are quite scarce.
  • Most of these stamp types are from meters used in Post Offices.

1. Neopost (LV-6), 10 April, 1967.

Frank, 23 x 25 mm, with simulated perforation outer border and straight-line inner border.
Country inscription in small panel at top.
Cap over crossed flags fill the top half of the frank.
The value figure are in a double-lined box at bottom center.
Postage indicator in Nepalese at left and Western characters (“P” and “PAISA”) at right of value figure.
Values seen:      0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00, 1.25
Values seen:      0.10, 0.15, 0.80    [Scarce]
Values seen:      0.35, 1.20, 4.00, 5.00    [Very scarce]
Value seen: 0.02    [$100]

2. Republic Engineering “Stampmaster” (LV-16), 1978.

As Type 1 but larger frank, 25 x 30 mm.
Spacing between TM and frank variable.
A. Top of value box is single line
B. Top of value box is double line
TM: DC or none
Values seen: 0·05, 0·15, 0·25, 0·35, 1·00, 2·00, 4·00, 5·00
Values seen: 0·30, 0·45, 0·60, 0·80    [Scarce]
Values seen: 0·40, 0·65, 0·75    [Very scarce]

3 . Republic Engineering “Stampmaster” (LV-16), 1978.    [$50]

Very similar to Type 2A but re-drawn frank, most noticeable in the cap above the flags being flatter and wider but other differences exist.
The inscriptions above the Nepalese character at left and the “P” at right are larger and closer.
The bottom corners blocks are taller.
Other differences exist.
Only L#s KN-56 and -75 seen.
Spacing between TM and frank variable.
Values seen: 0·60, 1·00, 2·00, 4·00
a. Zero value (0·00)

4. Neopost “Stampmaster 305” (MV).    [$250]

Cap and crossed flags in panel at top.
“NEPAL/ POSTAGE” at bottom center.
Empty panels at sides.
“PAISA” at bottom right.
Value figures in box at center.
Only one example seen, L# KN-66.
V/F:      0·00

5. Uncertain, most likely Kilburn (MV).    [Scarce]

Small cap at top center, crossed flags at bottom center.
“NEPAL” and “POSTAGE” vertical in panels at sides.
Unengraved block at lower left, and “K” in box at lower right.
Value figures 4 mm tall.
Spacing between TM and frank ~17-18 mm.
V/F:      0.00      00.00

6. Uncertain, probably Kilburn but possibly Universal “Simplex” (LV-25).    [$100]

Very similar to Type 5 but value figures are much narrower, and the spacing between the town mark and frank is wider at 30 mm.
L# KN-70 only seen. The meter was used in the Nepali Financial Comptroller General Office, and the stamp can be considered a Government Official stamp.
Values seen: 0.40, 0.50

7. Kilburn (LV).    [Very scarce]

Relatively tall and narrow frank, 24 x 30 mm, with cap and crossed flags at top.
Similar to Types 1, 2 and 3 except currency indicators (“PAISA” at right) are stacked rather than horizontal.
The cap over the flags is taller than wide.
Values seen: 1·00, 5·00, 10·00

8. Kilburn “K999” (MV).

Cap and crossed flags at bottom, “NEPAL POSTAGE” in top panel.
Currency indicators vertical at sides.
Unengraved block at lower left, and “K” in box at lower right.
V/F:      00.oo      0.00      00 oo

9. Postal Training Centre of Mysore "Meghdoot" (digital).

Adhesive tape with preprinted circular postal service logo at upper right and parallel lines at top and bottom.
Point-of-sale text left-justified, from top down:
* post office identification
* registration number (if registered)
* mail classification
* destination
* weight
* method of payment: value figures
* date and time
V/F:      Rs. 000

NOTE: Only one of these stamps has been seen by us. Variations are likely.

10. Postal Training Centre of Mysore "Meghdoot" (digital).

Similar to type 9 but printed on self-adhesive label with large circular postal service logo in the center as an underprint.
The one stamp we have seen is for registered mail and contains a barcode and registration number at top with point-of-sale data below, as follows:
* post office identification
* mail classification and registration number (repeated)
* origin
* destination
* weight and value figures
* date and time
* mail clerk, operator identification ("OP:")
V/F:      RS 0.00

NOTE: Stamps for other mail services from this machine may not have a barcode at top and may differ in other ways as well.