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Mongolia[edit | edit source]

  • The country first declared its independence in 1911 but it was not until 1945 that it was formally recognized by the international community. Before that date it was heavily influenced by the Soviet Union which treated it as a province.
  • Meter stamps with USSR inscriptions were used well after 1945, and it was not until 1996 when the first meter inscribed “MONGOLIA” was found.

Mongolia stamp type 1-clear.jpg

1. Satas "Baby" (MV), 1996. MeterCat 5 spaces.jpg[$100]

Square frank with panel at top containing "MONGOLIA”.
Postal logo (globe with wing?) at lower left.
Large outlined letter “P” at left of value figures.
Meter number with BA prefix at bottom.
V/F: MeterCat 5 spaces.jpg 0000

NOTE: Very few of these stamps are known. Meters BA0003 and BA0004 have been reported. Presumably meters BA0001 and BA0002 and perhaps others were also in use.