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Moldova[edit | edit source]

  • After the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, the constituent countries, including Moldova, returned to their former separate and independent status or gained independence for the first time. Soviet inscribed stamps (“CCCP”) continued to be used without alteration for many years. (See UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS for these issues.) Except for the provisional issue (Type 1) stamps of independent Moldova are inscribed “MOLDOVA”, “MOLDOVEI” or “R M”.
  • Catalog values are not provided for Moldova although the stamps seem to be quite scarce.

0.1. Perm (MV).

Provisional issue.
Upright octagon blank except for the value figures in center rectangle.
Value figures stacked and date figures vertical.
TM: DC with inner circle flat at top and bottom
The stamp can be identified only by the presence of a Moldovan town and/or post code in the town mark or slogan area.
V/F: 000

1. Perm (MV).

Upright octagon with single line border and inner box around value figures.
“POSTA” stacked at left and “R M” stacked at right.
Eagle logo at top, blank at bottom.
Date and value figures horizontal.
TM: SC with boxed date
V/F: 000

2. Perm (MV).

Frank with "POSTA" stacked at left and “MOLDOVA” stacked at right.
Eagle logo at top.
Value figures stacked and date figures vertical.
TM: SC with boxed date
V/F: 000

3. Perm (MV).

As Type 2 but blank at top.
TM: SC with boxed date
V/F: 000

4. Perm (MV).

As Types 2 and 3 but with three horizontal parallel lines at top and bottom.
V/F: 000

5. Perm (MV).

Frank is upright rectangle with simulated perforation border.
“POSTA” at top and “MOLDOVEI” at bottom.
Value figures stacked and date figures vertical.
V/F: 000

6. Pitney Bowes "A900" series (MV), 2013 or earlier.

Horizontal frank with scalloped frame lines at bottom and right side.
Circular postal logo at upper left of frank with meter number at lower left.
"POSTA / MOLDOVEI" above value figures above "LEI".
M# with "PB" prefix.
V/F: 00,00

7. Frama "Sensonic" (digital), 2009 or earlier.

Horizontal rectangle with circular postal logo at upper left and "Posta / Moldovei" at upper right.
"LEI" centered at bottom.
Without meter number
V/F: 000.00

NOTE: This meter is used by the Moldova Supreme Court. If no non-government users of the frank type exist then it would be an "Official Mail" stamp.

9. Neopost (digital), 2017.

Frank similar to Type 8 but open at the sides and with larger "POSTA / MOLDOVEI" in capitals.
"Lei" and the value figures in thick characters.
At bottom are the date and time above the meter number.
M# with NE8 prefix.
At left outside the frank are the town name above a small square 2D bar code matrix with various codes to its right.
Printed in blue.
V/F: 0000,00