International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog/Meter Stamp Collecting Societies

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Meter Stamp Collecting Societies[edit | edit source]

Several stamp societies have been formed for meter stamp collectors. The groups listed below are currently active:

  1. Meter Stamp Society (MSS, USA), publisher of the Quarterly Meter Stamp Society Bulletin.
  2. Association des Collectionneurs D’Empreintes de Machines a Affranchir (ACEMA, France), publisher of the ACEMA Bulletin. Email:
  3. Associazione Italiana Collezionisti di Affrancature Meccaniche (AICAM, Italy), publisher of Aicam News. Email:,
  4. Forschungsgemeinschaft Post- und Absenderfreistempel e.V. (Germany).
  5. Canadian Meter Stamp Study Group.
  6. United Kingdom Meter Franking, a web site maintained by Alistair Nixon, successor to the British Meter Stamp Study Group. Publisher of the online Meter News.
  7. Meter Stamp Unit of the Japan Philatelic Society, Japan Philatelic Society, Foundation 4th floor, Philatelic Museum, Mejiro 1-4-23, Tokyo 171-0031, PHONE: +81-3-5951-3311 FAX: +81-3-5951-3315
  8. In The Netherlands a study group exists:
  9. In Belgium the study group “Werkgroep Mecanotelie” exists: