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Malta[edit | edit source]

  • The first meter was installed in 1961.
  • All stamps have “MALTA” in the frank.
  • The stamps are divided into groups as follows:
A – Stamps used by private businesses
PO – Stamps generated by machines in Post Offices

GROUP A: Stamps used to frank regular mail[edit | edit source]

A1. Pitney Bowes-GB “Multi-Value” (MV).      [Uncommon]

Upright frank with “MALTA” in top panel.
M# with “P.B.” prefix in lower corner boxes.
V/F:      0/o

A2. Pitney Bowes-GB “Automax” (MV).

Nearly identical to Type A1 but value figures are of uniform rather than variable thickness.
M# with “P.B.” prefix.
V/F:      =000      =0/o=

A3. Pitney Bowes-GB “Simplex” (LV-21).      [Scarce]

Upright frank with “MALTA” in top panel.
M# with “P.B.” prefix in bottom corner boxes.
Values:      ½ thru 1/– ?

A4. Neopost “205” (MV).

Square frank with double straight-line border.
Maltese cross at bottom center.
M# with “NE” prefix flanks the Cross.
V/F:      000      0,00      00,0

A5. Neopost “205/2205” (MV).

Upright frank with single straight-line border.
Date figures tall (205) or short (2205).
Maltese cross at bottom center.
M# with large “N” prefix flanks the cross.
With some stamps an “E” is added before the meter number at right.
V/F:      000      00,0

A6. Frama (MV).

Horizontal frank with single-line border and post horns in all corner boxes.
Value figures heavy.
M# with “FRAMA” prefix and leading zeros in bottom panel.
V/F:      0.00

A7. Hasler “Mailmaster” (MV).

Similar to Type A6 but with Maltese crosses (with lined background) in the corner boxes.
M# with “H” prefix at bottom.
V/F:      0,00      00,00

A8. Pitney Bowes-GB “6300” (MV).

Horizontal frank open in top left corner for Maltese cross.
Frank 27 x 21-22 mm.
M# with “PB” prefix.
V/F:      000      0.00      .000

A9. Pitney Bowes-GB “A900” (MV).

Very similar to Type A8 but larger frank, 32 x 23 mm.
Value figures also larger.
M# with “PB” prefix.
V/F:      0.00

A10. Pitney Bowes-GB “6600” (MV).

As Type A9 but taller frank, 34 x 27 mm.
M# with “PB” prefix.
V/F:      000

GROUP PO: Stamps generated by Post Office window systems[edit | edit source]

PO1.1. Unknown (digital), 2006.
Self-adhesive label with data in blocks.
Malta Post logo ("MALTA/POST" left of C with wavy lines) at top left, date at top right below "MaltaPost p.l.c."
The value figures are large, in a block at center right above a block containing the destination name.
Across the bottom are blocks containing zone, weight, and other data including a long identification number.
V/F:                      (000)0.00

PO1.2. Unknown (digital).
As PO1.1 but the Malta Post logo is different: "malta/post" above post horn
V/F:                      (000)0.00

PO1.3. Unknown (digital), 2019.
Similar to PO1.2 but the label has a re-designed underprint that eliminates the outer frame lines and all vertical frame lines except for one at bottom right.
Other differences exist, most notably the repositioning of the ZONE and FOREIGN entries to the center.
Note that the stamp shown has the year figures in the date split into two lines. This is probably an operator entry error.
V/F:                      (000)0.00

PO1.4. Unknown (digital), 2019.
Similar to PO1.3 but with "MaltaPost p.l.c." on the same line as the date.
V/F:                      (000)0.00
a. 2D barcode below stamp.

GROUP PV: Stamps generated by public self-service machines[edit | edit source]

PV1. SwiftPost/Integrex (digital/thermal), August 2012.

Large self-adhesive label with red and black Malta Post logo pre-printed at top left, three die cut rectangles at right and two across the bottom.
The point-of-sale data is imprinted in black. It includes the mail class at left of a square 2D "QR" type barcode above the value figures, weight, and destination.
The date and time appear in small type at top, left of the barcode square. Below the barcode square are four lines of code.
A. Stamp for regular mail.
B. Stamp for registered or other tracked mail, with bar codes printed in the die cut rectangles.
V/F:     € (000)0.00

NOTES: The first kiosk was used at the University of Malta in Msida from August 2012 to September 2013. Another was set up in St. Paul's Bay and later moved to the main post office in Marsa. The system was not in use long possibly because the printing was often indistinct, and the machines were difficult to maintain.

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