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Iceland[edit | edit source]

The first Iceland meters were used in 1929. All Icelandic meter stamps have “ÍSLAND” in the frank.

The stamps are grouped according to appearance:

  • A - Single straight-line frank with panels at top and bottom
  • B - Horizontal frank with straight-line ornaments at sides
  • C - Double straight-line frank without inner panels
  • PO – Generated by machines in Post Offices

For specialized information about the meter stamps of Iceland, see Icelandic Meters 1930 – 1993 by Thor Thorsteins, self-published, Reykjavik, 1994.

GROUP A: Upright to nearly square rectangle with single straight-line outer frame line[edit | edit source]

  • “ÍSLAND” in top panel, and “PÓSTUR” in bottom panel above meter number

A1. Francotyp “C” (MV), 1929. [$10]

Internal panel lines do not touch sides of frank.
Meter number without prefix.
Wide spacing between TM and frank.
With or without 4-digit impression counter number high between TM and frank.
Meter numbers 1-4.
TM: DC with three stars at bottom
V/F: 000 (A,O)

A2. Neopost (LV-6), 1931.

Similar to Type 1 but frank is wider, and the spacing between TM and frank is narrower.
Meter number 5 up.
A. Frank 27/28 mm tall [$10]
B. Frank 25 mm tall [$5]
TM: DC with three stars at bottom
Values: 7, 10, 15, 20, 35, 40, 45, 50, 1 Kr, 2 Kr
a. Unengraved block in place of meter number

A3. Universal “MultiValue” (MV). [$5]

Similar to Type A2 but internal panel lines touch the sides of the frank, and the value figures are different.
TM: DC with arc at bottom
V/F: 0000 (O) 00000 (O) 0000 (O) 000 (A)

A4. Universal “Teltax” (MV).

Similar to Type A3 but the TM is lowered with a 4-digit impression counter number above
Small date figures.
V/F: 00000 (O) 0000 (O) 000 (A,O)
a. Pre-stamped by post office on aerograms. Letters in “ÍSLAND” are narrower and thinner. Meter numbers 12 and 15 seen.

A5. Francotyp “Cc” (MV). [$25]

Similar to Type A1 but much taller frank, 24-25 x 37-38 mm.
A. Wide spacing between TM and frank, ~53mm
B. Narrow spacing, ~15mm
V/F: 000 ◆000

A6. Universal “Simplex” (LV-25), 1951.

Frank with panels at sides containing vertical bar.
Frank 24 x 26-27 mm.
Values between 10 and 250 in steps of ten

A7. Pitney Bowes “Automax” (MV). [$5]

Similar to Type A6 but frank is larger, 26-27 x 29-30 mm, with narrower bars in side panels and narrower spacing between TM and frank.
V/F: =00.00 00.00 =0000 =0.00 =000
a. Used by Post Office to pre-stamp aerograms [$20]

GROUP B: Horizontal frank with vertical straight-line ornaments at sides[edit | edit source]

B1. Pitney Bowes “5000” series (MV). [$5]

Country name in top panel with “POSTUR” just below.
No bottom panel.
Side panels contain single vertical line.
Date figures raised in relation to value figures.
Meter number with “P.B.” prefix outside between TM and frank.
A. Narrow frank 24 x 23 mm
B. Wide frank 27/28 x 23 mm
V/F: ≋000 ≋0.00 0000 ≋0000 ≋00000 000.o ≋0000 ≋00.oo

B2. Pitney Bowes “6900” (MV).

Country name at upper left, meter number at lower right.
Three ornamental columns at left and one at right.
Meter number with “P.B.” prefix.
A. Narrow frank 29 x 23 mm
B. Wide frank 32 x 23 mm
V/F: ≋000 ≋0000 ≋000oo ≋00.oo ≋00oo ≋000oo

B3. Pitney Bowes “Paragon”(MV).

Very similar to Type B2 but much larger, 35 x 30 mm.
Meter number with “PB” prefix at bottom center.
V/F: ≋000 ≋0000 ≋000oo ≋00.oo ≋00oo ≋000oo

B4. Pitney Bowes “Paragon” (MV).

As Type B3 but frank not as wide and with two columns at left instead of three.
Meter number outside between TM and frank.
Meter number with “PBE” prefix.
V/F: ≋000oo

B5. Pitney Bowes “A900” (MV).

Similar to Type B2 but value figures larger.
Meter number breaks bottom frame lines in center.
Meter number with “PB” prefix.
Right-most zero of value figures is fixed and breaks the right frame lines.
V/F: ≋000.00

B6. Hasler "Mailmaster” (MV).

Frank with complete outer frame line and simple single-line ornament at each side.
Meter number without prefix in 5000 series at bottom center.
V/F: 0000 00

GROUP C: Frank with double straight-line outer border and no inner panels[edit | edit source]

Country name in outline letters

C1. Postalia (MV).

Upright frank with Meter number at bottom of TM.
A. With “Kr Au” below “ÍSLAND”
B. With “Kr” at left below “ÍSLAND”
C. With “Kr” centered below “ÍSLAND” (shown)
D. With nothing between “ÍSLAND” and value figures
TM: DC with horizontal lines above and below date
V/F: ✳ 000 0000 ✳ 0000 00000 ✳ 00000 ✳ 0000 ✳ ✳ 00000 ✳ 000.00 000000 ✳ 0000.00

C2. Frama "M/E bzw.100" (MV). [$5]

Similar to Type C1 but frank is smaller, nearly square.
Value figures thick.
With or without meter number below frank.
A. With “Kr.” preceding value figures
B. Without “Kr.”
V/F: 0000

C3. Frama "M/E3/4" (MV).

Similar to Type C2 but wider.
Meter number below bottom frame line.
V/F: 0000 00

C4. Neopost “205"/"2205” (MV).

Square frank similar in size to Type C2, but the outer frame lines are closer together and often appear as one thick line.
Date figures tall (“205”) or short (“2205”).
A. With “Kr” at right of value figures
B. Without “Kr”
V/F: ✳ 000 ✳ 000 00

C5. Neopost “Electronic” (MV).

Similar in size to Type C3 but value figures are smaller and thinner.
Meter number in bottom of TM.
V/F: ≋0000 ≋00000

GROUP PO: Stamps generated by machines in Post Offices[edit | edit source]

PO1. Unknown (digital).

Iceland Post logo at upper left and "Iceland Post" (English) or "íslandspóstur hf" (Icelandic) at upper right.
"Postage Paid iSK" (English) or "Buròargjald ISK" (Icelandic) precedes the value figures.
Text right justified.
Printed in black on plain self-adhesive label with rounded corners.
A. Text in English
B. Text in Icelandic, used on domestic mail only
V/F: (00)0,00

PO2. Unknown (digital).

Small self-adhesive label with square corners.
Preprinted across the top are "ÍCELAND" and the Post logo.
In the upper left corner is a very small preprinted "ÍP 680" reading up.
The value figures are below the Post logo, and the date is across bottom as DD-MM-YYYY
V/F: 000

NOTE: The status of this stamp is uncertain. It may not be a Post Office stamp but one from a digital vending machine or possibly even an online source.

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