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Falkland Islands[edit | edit source]

Until 1990 the few postage meters in use had British franks and were used by British military forces stationed in the Falklands. After 1990 three local businesses are known to have used postage meters.
The stamps are grouped as follows:
A - Franks of Great Britain used in the Falkland Islands
B - Provisional issues
C - Franks inscribed "FALKLAND IS"


  • Values are for properly inked stamps on mailed covers. Most impressions seen are under-inked and are worth much less than the stated values. Unused, favor (zero cent) impressions, even if on cover, are also worth much less than the stated values.
  • A meter of Argentina was prepared for use in the Falklands but was never placed into use. The frank is inscribed "ISLAS MALVINAS". Proofs exist and appear to be quite rare.

    GROUP A: Issues of GREAT BRITAIN used in the FALKLAND ISLANDS[edit | edit source]

    A1. Hasler “Mailmaster” (MV), 1982.

    Great Britain Type HA19.
    Two meters were used with town mark that went through three changes before removal in 1990.
    Both M# HF22052 and HF22057 were used about equally.
    A. Town mark reads “BFPO LONDON” (1982-1986) [$20]
    B. Town mark reads “B.F.P.O. 666” (1986-1987) [$50]
    C. Town mark reads “B.F.P.O. 655” (1987-1990) [$35]
    V/F: 000(½)

    A2. Postalia “MS5” (MV), 1994. [$25]

    Great Britain Type HA31.
    Meter EMD 587715 was used for about one year with town mark “PORT STANLEY/ FALKLAND ISLANDS”.
    Meter EMD 593972 was reported used in 2000 and 2001.
    V/F: 0.00

    GROUP B: Provisional issues – British franks modified for local, commercial use[edit | edit source]

    B1. Postalia “MS5” (MV), 1990. [$10]
    Frank similar to Type A2 but frank contains no country name.
    Vertical “POSTAGE” at left, “PAID” at right of frame line.
    Two meters used: EMD 583950 and EMD 583951.
    V/F: 0.00

    B2. Postalia “MS5” (MV), 1995. [$10]
    As Type A2 but with “GREAT BRITAIN” removed.
    Used this way until 1 May, 1996 when the frank frame was removed altogether (and transformed into Type B3).
    M# EMD 587715.
    TM: DC
    V/F: 0.00

    B3. Postalia “MS5” (MV), 1996.
    Frame removed from frank.
    Crown and value figures only remain.
    M# EMD 587715.
    A. Town mark with “PORT STANLEY/ FALKLAND ISLANDS” (1 May–10 June 1996) [$40]
    B. Town mark with “STANLEY/ FALKLAND ISLANDS” (10 June 1996 forward) [$10]
    TM: DC
    V/F: 0.00 0000

    B4. Francotyp-Postalia “EFS3000” (MV), 1986.
    Frame removed from frank.
    Crown and value figures only remain.
    TM: DC
    V/F:      0000

    GROUP C: Franks inscribed with territorial name[edit | edit source]

    C1. Pitney Bowes “5300” (MV), 1991. [$20]

    Horizontal design with “FALKLAND IS” at top.
    M# “PB 01” only.
    TM: DC
    V/F: 0.00