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Comoros[edit | edit source]

  • Previously administered as part of the French territory of Madagascar, in 1947 Comoros became a separate French territory that included the island of Mayotte. In 1975 the Comoros Islands, less Mayotte, gained independence and became the Islamic Federal Republic of the Comoros. Although the United Nations in 1979 declared Mayotte to be under Comoros sovereignty, in all practical terms the island remains a French territory and is cataloged separately under MAYOTTE.
  • The earliest meter seen with “COMOROS” in the frank is from 1972.
  • The stamps are divided into two groups based on the political status:
A - French territory
B - Islamic Federal Republic

GROUP A: Issues of French territorial period. Frank inscribed “TERRITOIRE DES COMORES or COMORES”[edit | edit source]

A1. Satas “J” (MV), 1972. [$25]

Small upright frank with simulated-perforation border.
Inscribed “TERRITOIRE/ DES COMORES” at top, "POSTES" above meter number at bottom.
M# with “SJ” prefix.
Date figures tall.
V/F: 00

A2. Satas “P” (MV). [$7.50]

Similar to Type A1 but inscribed “COMORES” alone at top.
Hour figure between TM and frank.
M# with “SP” prefix.
Date figures tall.
V/F: 000
a. Used in Mayotte (SP 912 and 913) [$20]

GROUP B: Issues of the Federal Islamic Republic.[edit | edit source]

B1. Neopost “Electronic” (MV). [$10]

Upright frank inscribed "R.F.I. COMORES" at top.
“POSTES” straight at bottom.
Without M#.
A. Without M#
B. With M#, with “SG” prefix
V/F: ≋000

B2. Neopost “Electronic” (MV), 2004.

Horizontal frank inscribed "UNION DES COMORES" at bottom.
Profile of fish at top and "Le Coelacanthe" above country name at bottom.
Without M#
V/F: 0000