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Chad[edit | edit source]

The country was a French territory until it gained independence in 1959. All stamps, except for Type 1, have country name “REPUBLIQUE DU TCHAD” in the frank. The earliest date seen in from 1959. For issues before 1959 see FRENCH EQUATORIAL AFRICA.

1. Hasler “F22” (MV), 1959. [$50]

Provisional stamp with French Equatorial Africa inscription partially obliterated at top.
Country name “TCHAD” at bottom of TM.
TM raised in relation to frank.
M# 11 between dashes and without prefix below frank.
TM: SC with 5-digit serial number below.
V/F: 0000 Fr

2. Satas “R” (MV), 1963. [$10]

Frank with single, simulated-perforation border open at the sides.
M# with “SR” prefix.
V/F: 000
a. Frank red, TM violet (SR 6140) 1968-69

3. Satas “J” (MV), 1966. [$10]

As Type 2 but M# with “SJ” prefix.
Date figures tall.
V/F: 00

4. Satas “P” (MV), 1966.

As Types 2 and 3 but M# with “SP” prefix.
Date figures tall.
A. Hour figure between TM and frank (SP 3003)
B. Without hour figure (SP 3004)
V/F: 000

5. Secap “NE” (MV), 1993. [$5]

As Types 2, 3 and 4 but M# with “NE” prefix.
V/F: 0000

6. Satas “D” (MV), 1963. [Quite rare, not discovered until 2012]

As Types 2 through 5 but with straight line town mark.
M# with “SD” prefix.
V/F: 000F