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Bermuda[edit | edit source]

The earliest meter known is from 1949. All stamps have “BERMUDA” in the frank or the town mark. The stamps are grouped according to appearance:

A – Frank with simulated perforation border
B – Frank with partial straight-line border open at sides

GROUP A: Frank with simulated-perforation outer border[edit | edit source]

The Universal “MultiValue” stamp formerly cataloged as Type A1 was never placed into use. It should be considered an essay from 1949.

A1. Pitney Bowes “Automax” (MV), 1961.

Upright frank with simulated perforation outer.
Panels at the sides contain "POSTAGE" and "PAID".
Crown at bottom center.
Meter number with "PB" prefix in boxes in lower corners.
V/F: =0.oo =0/o =

A2. Neopost “Frankmaster” (MV). [$15]

Upright frank With petal design as side ornaments.
Small crown above “EIIR” at bottom.
M# with “RN” prefix.
Three machines, RN001-003, were used during the 1960s.
V/F: =0/o=

A3. Pitney Bowes “Simplex” (LV-21), 1964. [$25]

Similar to Type A1 but spacing between TM and frank is much wider.
M# with “S” prefix in lower corners.
Eight meters were used, numbers S201-208.
Values seen: 3d.04

A4. Pitney Bowes-GB “5000” (MV).

Horizontal frank with crown above value figures.
M# with “P.B.” prefix between TM and frank.
V/F: 00 00 000 0.00 0/0=

A5. Pitney Bowes “R” (MV). [$20]

Small frank, nearly square, with “POSTAGE PAID” vertical in panel left of value figures.
Crown below “BERMUDA” in top panel.
Meter number low between TM and frank.
One machine only, M# “P.B. 1091".
Known printed in blue and in black as well as in red.
V/F: 00 00 :
a. TM blank

GROUP B: Frank with partial straight-line outer border[edit | edit source]

B1. Pitney Bowes-GB “6300” (MV).

Crown in upper right corner.
Both top and bottom frame lines are notched at the ends.
M# with “P.B.” prefix centered above bottom frame line. Numbers 001 to 155 used.
V/F: 0.00

B2 Pitney Bowes-GB “6900” (MV).

Similar to Type B1 but taller.
M# with “PBE” prefix and M#. Known numbers: 0001-0013 and 102-109.
V/F: 0.00

B3. Hasler “Mailmaster” (MV).

Tall design similar to Type B2.
Top and bottom frame lines are straight without notches.
M# with “H” prefix, H100-192.
V/F: 00.00
a. Single-circle town mark, two meters only, 164 and 165

B4. Pitney Bowes-GB “A900” (MV). [$25]

Frank consists of horizontal lines only without inscription or crown.
Model identification “A9SM24” at bottom.
The town mark reads “HAMILTON/ BERMUDA”.
This is a demonstration die that was used for live mail by one company in the early 1990s.
V/F: 0000

B5. Pitney Bowes "6500/6600/6900"? (MV), 1994.

Crown at upper left.
Wider hash marks at left, shorter hash marks at right with one above "PAID" and two below.
Top frame line is notched at the ends but the bottom frame line is not.
M# with "PBE" prefix, numbers 0101-0105 known.
V/F: 00.00

B6. Pitney Bowes-GB “A900” and probably "B900" (MV), 1990.

Very similar to Type B5 but not as tall, without hash mark above "PAID".
M# with “PB” prefix.
A. From the A900 model: M#s PB 1205-1222
B. From what is probably the B900 model: M#s PB 12001-12132
V/F: 00.00

B7. Pitney Bowes-GB (digital).

As Type B4 but with two columns of numbers at left of the town mark.
M# with “PBP” prefix, numbers 11001-11105.
V/F: 00.00
a. With town mark reading "PITNEY BOWES / SPECIMEN", used with meter 11053 for several years

B8. Pitney Bowes "DM100" (digital), 2009.

Frank with single line at top and bottom with five hash marks at right.
"POSTAGE PAID" centered at top.
M# with "PB20" prefix at bottom, numbers PB2089533-2089549 known.
TM: rectangle with two columns of characters at left
V/F: 000.00

B9. Pitney Bowes "DM500" (digital), 2009.

Very similar to Type B8 but "POSTAGE PAID" is not centered but right-justified.
Small differences in the font sizes also exist.
M# with "PB00" prefix at bottom, numbers PB0041029-41030 and 41114-41116 known.
TM: rectangle with two columns of characters at left
V/F: 000.00

GROUP C: Square frank with straight-line outer border[edit | edit source]

C1. Francotyp-Postalia "MS5" (MV), 1998.

Crown in upper right corner.
Small "POSTAGE / PAID" vertical at left.
The stemmed object at right is a Bermuda onion.
M# with "FP METER" prefix, numbers 325001 and 325024 only.
V/F: 0.00