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Antarctica[edit| edit source]

Postage meters have been used in at least three different locations in Antarctica: McMurdo Sound (USA), South Pole (USA), and Scott Base (New Zealand). Most of the stamps can be identified by a town mark containing "ANTARCTICA", but there are exceptions.

The U.S. stamps have town marks "MCMURDO ANTARCTICA", "SOUTH POLE ANTARCTICA" or one of the following postal codes:

17038, 96599, 96692 (McMurdo)
10090, 17040, 96598, 96691, 96692 (South Pole)

Two New Zealand meters are known used in Antarctica. One has town mark "SCOTT BASE / ANTARCTICA". The other has an unengraved town mark (solid ring) with slogan reading "25th Anniversary / SCOTT BASE : 1982". Other versions may exist.