Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory/Prerequisites

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Prior Knowledge[edit | edit source]

This text is an Intermediate Macroeconomics Theory text so some prior knowledge is expected before you begin.

Luckily, this text is going to be designed such that you will not need an extensive mathematical background. That's not to say we won't be dealing with some pretty serious mathematical equations. Your math background should include a particularly solid understanding of algebra which will make your life a lot easier (in general, not just for the sake of learning macroeconomics). Some basic calculus would help too, though is not as important as the algebra requirement. Single-variable differential and integral calculus ought to do you well, but these are really more for helping you understand where and how we come to certain conclusions mathematically.
So if you aren't really solid on math, don't panic! Economics is a math-heavy discipline but this text will still be approachable for you. Serious economics students are encouraged to develop strong mathematical skills though, as your understanding of the material will be far stronger.
Macroeconomics and microeconomics are related, but they are also different enough that you don't necessarily need a lot of background in intermediate microeconomics. This text will assume basic microeconomics knowledge and also basic macroeconomic knowledge. The material in this text will build upon an existing knowledge of basic macroecnomics, but can also provide a solid understanding of the discipline for productive students exposed to macroeconomics for the first time.