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Intermediate 2 Mathematics is a Scottish Qualifications Authority course taught in Scottish schools. It is a follow on from General Level Mathematics and Intermediate 1 Mathematics. This course leads onto Higher Mathematics and exit to college courses.

There are two different Intermediate 2 Mathematics courses:

  • C100 11 Mathematics: Maths 1, 2 and 3
  • C101 11 Mathematics: Maths 1, 2 and Applications

Both courses have exactly the same content in units 1 and 2 but C100 11 has a further unit which builds on material previously learnt in units 1 and 2 and the additional unit in C101 11 teaches students real life applications of mathematics.

This wikibook, while incomplete at the moment, should offer students a valuable revision tool once finished. If you have already sat this course or have qualifications in mathematics, please consider contributing to this book. While anyone can edit this book, you may have difficulty contributing material that is at the appropriate level if you have not sat a course equivalent to or more advanced than Intermediate 2.

Where to Go Next[edit | edit source]

This book is written so that the content in unit 2 builds on the information learnt in unit 1 and unit 3 and applications will build on what you've learnt in units 1 and 2. We therefore recommend you start at unit 1.