Interlingual Energizers/Manual/Translation

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This page explains how to translate an Interlingual Energizer. Just follow these steps:

  1. Create an account: It's much easier to attribute your translations and to make them part of the book when you are logged in. Registering is very easy and doesn't even require an e-mail address.
  2. Choose an energizer: Choose a description which you would like to translate. Have a look at the full list of energizers.
  3. Open the page by clicking on the link in the list. You will get for example to Samurai.
  4. Start editing: At the top of the page is a button which says Edit. Press it. You'll see something like this.
  5. Start translating: Only certain parts of the description can be translated. This are the name, the introduction, the rules and the end. The sections start in the code with e.g. | introduction = ... and they end when the next section starts. Translated sections look like this: | rules_de = ... in which de stands for German. For translation copy a section in English (| name = ..., | introduction = ..., | rules = ... and | end = ...) and paste it underneath. Add a underscore plus your language code (e.g. _hu for Hungarian) and start translating. Keep in mind that the language you use should be as simple as possible. People with a low language level or kids should understand them.
  6. Save your translation: Press Save page at the end and go on. Thank you very much for your help.