Interlingual Energizers/King Kong

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amount 1, not depends of the group size
language level (simple)
age +7
group size minimum 6
materials nothing
space free space, indoor or outdoor
time 5-10min.
energizer for younger children or team-builder for older participants.

The activity King Kong (Deutsch: King Kong, español: King Kong) is part of the collection of interlingual energizers. See a list of all activities.


The introduction is also available in 3 other languages: español, română, Deutsch

Let's play a game in which you have to repeat what I'm saying.


The rules is also available in 2 other languages: español, Deutsch

  1. Let's make a circle. (The facilitator can join or not the circle.)
  2. The participants have to put their hands in the shoulder of the person in front.
  3. The facilitator start sing and the participants repeat what he says moving in one direction:
    En la selva tropical
    king kong (the participantes have to move their hands up to down)
    Hay un baile muy sensual
    king kong
    Que lo baila todo el mundo
    king kong
    Todo el mundo sin parar
    Un salto pa'lante (the participants have to jump in front)
    Un salto pa'tras (the participants have to jump behind)
    Un salto pa'fuera (the participants have to jump out of the circle)
    Un salto pa'dentro (the participants have to jump inside of the circle)

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