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Raising enthusiasm. Spreading happiness.

Energizers are small activities which are played to raise the energy or enthusiasm level of a group. They are often short and simple to explain. This makes them an ideal starting point when you don't speak the language of the participants very well.

You should keep certain things in mind when you facilitate energizers:

  • Keep them short: Energizers are about raising the level of enthusiasm of the group. Most likely they are not that beneficial anymore when you continue playing them for hours.
  • Offer more: Prepare more energizers than you're planning to use. Maybe one doesn't work, another one is too short or the group just doesn't respond as expected.

A popular type of energizers is Songs. They are easy to explain and ideal for introducing participants to aspects of another culture.

They should be used together with ice breakers (to resolve shyness in a group) and teambuilders (to strengthen the bonds in a group).


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