Interlingual Energizers/Banana-Palm tree-Elephant

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amount 1, more to keep active groups under control
language level (medium)
age 3+
group size up to 20
materials nothing special
space free space, preferably outdoor
time 10-30 min
energizer, game for breaks

The activity Banana-Palm tree-Elephant (svenska: Banan-Palm-Elefant, Deutsch: Banane-Palme-Elefant, română: Banană-Palmier-Elefant, español: Banana-Palmera-Elefante) is part of the collection of interlingual energizers. See a list of all activities.


The introduction is also available in 1 other languages: español

Let's play tag. In this much cooler version it's not just about catching somebody else but about turning her or him into a banana, a palm tree or an elephant.


The rules is also available in 3 other languages: español, svenska, Deutsch

  1. In the moment the catcher touches somebody she or he can decide in which creature the person shall be. It can be either a banana, a palm tree or an elephant.
  2. The caught person freezes as one of this creatures and has to stay like this until somebody else rescues her or him with a certain movement.
  3. The movements are like this: …

End of the Game

We all got tired. I think it is enough.

Possible extensions

  • If you play with bigger groups two or more persons can catch instead of one.
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