Interlingua/On the Grammar of Interlingua

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The Interlingua Alphabet

The Interlingua Alphabet
Letter Name Sound As in
Aa ah a cat
Bb bay b boy
Cc say c car, before e or i like zz in pizza or c in city
Dd day d dog
Ee ay e hey
Ff eff f find
Gg gay g officially like Go in all situations except words ending in -age, but optionally before e or i like j
Hh hasha h hi
Ii ee i machine
Jj jotta j s in pleasure
Kk kah k king
Ll ell l love
Mm emm m man
Nn enn n now
Oo oh o obey
Pp pay p put
Qq koo qu quick, in one syllable words just k
Rr err r trilled
Ss ess s soft, between vowels like s in cousin
Tt tay t tea
Uu oo u o in who
Vv vay v very
Ww doopla vay w way
Xx eeks x example
Yy eepsilon or ee greck y yes or pretty
Zz zed or zeta z zebra

Consonant Clusters
cc cc in accent
ch ch in Christ or enchanté
ph is like f
th is just t

ai is I
au is ow in cow
ei is ei in reign
oi is oy in choice

Le Numeros
The Numbers
0 zero
1 un
2 duo
3 tres
4 quatro
5 cinque
6 sex
7 septe
8 octo
9 nove
10 dece
11 dece-un
12 dece-duo
13 dece-tres
14 dece-quatro
15 dece-cinque
16 dece-sex
17 dece-septe
18 dece-octo
19 dece-nove
20 vinti
21 vinti-un
22 vinti-duo
25 vinti-cinque
30 trenta
40 quaranta
50 cinquanta
60 sexanta
70 septanta
80 octanta
90 novanta
100 cento
101 cento un
102 cento duo
121 cento vinti-un
150 cento cinquanta
200 duo centos
201 duo centos un
300 tres centos
381 tres centos octanta-un
1000 mille
1001 mille un
1995 dece-nove centos novanta-cinque
1962 dece-nove centos sexanta-duo
2000 duo milles
1.000.000 million milliardo billion billiardo trillion

Ordinal Numbers
1me prime
2de secunde
3tie tertie
4te quarte
5te quinte
6te sexte
7me septime
8ve octave
9ne none
10me decime
11me dece-prime
12de dece-secunde
13tie dece-tertie
14te dece-quarte
15te dece-quinte
16te dece-sexte
17me dece-septime
18ve dece-octave
19ne dece-none
20me vintesime
21me vinti-prime
22de vinti-secunde
25te vinti-quinte
30me trentesime
40me quarantesime
50me cinquantesime
60me sexantesime
70me septantesime
80me octantesime
90me novantesime
100me centesime
101me cento prime
102de cento secunde
121me cento vinti-prime
150me cento cinquantesime
200me duo centesime
201me duo centos prime
300me tres centesime
381me tres centos octanta-prime
1000me millesime
1001me mille prime
2000me duo millesime
1.000.000me millionesime milliardesime billionesime billiardesime trillionesime